Feeding cattle technology in winter

1. Cut coarse material, wash water, and ammoniaify: In order to make the cattle digest and use coarse material, the entire coarse material should be cut to 8 to 10 cm, which reduces the energy consumption of cattle due to chewing coarse material. The high content of oxalate and silicon in coarse materials (especially straw) is the main factor that causes urinary calculi in cattle. To prevent cattle from developing urinary tract stones, the coarse material should be washed before feeding to reduce the content of oxalate and silicon in the coarse material. Coarse feed cows are undernourished and can subject the raw material to ammoniation. The rough amination treatment method is as follows: The ammoxidation tank is repaired in advance, and the rough material is cut short, and the 6% to 10% urea solution is mixed into 25 kg per 50 kg of cut short coarse material, and then put into a chlorination tank. The layers are practical and the pool mouth is sealed with plastic film. After ammonia-fermentation for 1 to 1.5 months, the crude material is put into ammonia and can be used to feed cattle.

2. Add a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, salt and trace element additives: The normal amount of calcium needed for normal growth and development of cattle is 0.4% of feed, and the amount of phosphorus needed is 0.3% of feed. There is a lack of green materials in winter, and cows fed only with coarse material often suffer from calcium deficiency. Therefore, for cows fed coarse materials, it is necessary to supplement 10 grams of calcium, 5 grams of phosphorus, 30 to 50 grams of salt, and an appropriate amount of complex trace element additives every day.

3. Feeding and maintenance: Feeding cattle in winter, it is necessary to feed cattle with 40% of available corn, 20% of soybeans, 10% of scraps, 10% of barley, 10% of soybean cake, 10% of bran, soaked in warm water and refined. Feed cattle, feed 0.5 to 2 kg of mixed concentrate daily. For young cattle, pregnant cows and thin cattle should be properly increased feed volume.

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