Fertilizer Fermenting Agent to Solve the Disadvantages of Composting

Various types of feces can be harmful if they are not fermented and decomposed:
1 Infectious diseases and pests. Excrement, household waste and other organic materials contain coliforms, nematodes, and other pathogens and pests. The direct use of these organisms can result in the spread of diseases and pests, and the incidence of crops. It also affects the human health of edible agricultural products. When unripe organic materials are fermented in the soil, it is easy. The breeding of pathogens and insect pests also causes the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests.
2 fermented seedlings. After organic materials such as unfermented raw manure are applied to the ground, they ferment under the action of microorganisms when the fermentation conditions are met. When the fermentation site is closer to the root and the crop plants are smaller, the heat generated by the fermentation will affect the growth of the crop. Causes the death of the plant.
3 poison gas hazards. In the process of decomposition, harmful gases such as methane and ammonia are produced, which can cause acid damage and root damage to the soil and crops.
4 Soil oxygen deficiency. Organic matter consumes oxygen from the soil during the decomposition process, temporarily leaving the soil in an anoxic state, and inhibiting crop growth.
5 fertilizer effect is slow. In unfermented and mature organic fertilizers, nutrients are mostly organic or slow-acting, and cannot be directly absorbed and utilized by crops. Only the decomposition and conversion to the rapid-effect state can be absorbed and utilized by crops. Therefore, when the unfermented organic fertilizers are directly applied, the fertilizer efficiency is slowed down.
6 It can be directly used without treatment. The organic material is bulky, the active ingredient is low, transportation is inconvenient, and the use cost is increased.
Treating feces with a microbial fermentation agent will avoid the occurrence of the above hazards, significantly improve the utilization of fertilizers, and increase fertilizer efficiency. Many farmers have already achieved good results with the use of Golden Baby microbial starters. What are you waiting for? Try it! For details, please visit the website or consult.

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