"Five strokes" against fall pregnant abortion

Increase nutrition In addition to feeding quality grass for females in autumn, we must also add appropriate amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals such as fish meal, blood meal, bean cake, bone meal, stone meal, etc., and provide sufficient carbohydrate concentrates such as corn, Gao Hao et al. Pregnancies only have to eat and drink enough to grow and grow, and the fetus can grow and develop normally. Failure to do so may result in miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal stunting due to malnutrition of pregnant animals.

Strengthen the management of more rain in autumn, and the grasses are susceptible to deterioration and rot. Therefore, we must achieve "five nets": that is, material net, grass net, water net, net net, and carcass net to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from invading the carcass. At the same time, pay attention to changes in the weather to prevent pregnant animals from catching colds.

When you are properly cautious, you should not use a pregnant animal to run long distances or do heavy work to ensure that you perform hard work and diligence. Excessive fatigue of pregnant animals, easily lead to accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body, resulting in excessive oxygen consumption, resulting in the fetus is not sufficient oxygen and nutrition, resulting in abortion.

Drinking water to control pregnant animals should be clean, do not drink water on an empty stomach, and do not drink water immediately after the service. Special attention should be paid to preventing binge drinking. Because binge drinking will make gastrointestinal spasm, causing uterine contraction, resulting in rupture of the membranes of the fetus caused by miscarriage.

Disease prevention The female animals in the fall mainly use fresh green grass as the main feed. Because these forage grasses have more water content, or because the pregnant female animals feed on the grass with frost or dew, they often cause grazing and grazing, which can easily lead to miscarriage. Therefore, fresh grass should be mixed with fresh grass when feeding, and do not allow the dam to feed with dew or frosted forage. If found pregnant diarrhea, can be used in a timely manner with a good mix of fried red sorghum feed in the feed, each with 0.5 kg to 1 kg is appropriate, usually two can be effective.

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