For the first time, Chinese medicine has entered the international market through “patent licensing”

Release date: 2007-06-28

For the first time, Chinese medicine has gone through the “patent license” to the international market---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
On the 22nd, the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences signed a cooperation agreement with the British Plant Pharmaceutical Company on a new type of Chinese medicine in the form of a "patent license", which has opened a new internationalization path for Chinese medicines that have suffered from overseas disputes.
The new anti-dementia Chinese medicine, code-named "NJS", has completed all preclinical studies through a decade of research by Ma Baiping, a researcher at the Institute of Radiation Medicine, Academy of Military Medical Sciences.
According to the agreement between the two parties, the Academy of Sciences will transfer the relevant technology to the plant pharmaceutical company, which obtains the exclusive license of the drug, is responsible for clinical research and development and listing overseas.
"This is the first time that China has authorized the intellectual property rights of Chinese medicines to international companies, which indicates that China has gradually gained international recognition in terms of drug research level and research norms. It is a gratifying step towards the internationalization of Chinese medicine." Chang Sun Jianzhong said.
Darry Rees, president of British Plant Pharmaceuticals, said that the overseas research and marketing of Chinese medicine by overseas companies will help increase the trust of Chinese medicine in the international market.
According to researcher Ma Baiping, NJS is found in the traditional Chinese medicine steroidal saponin compounds. Laboratory studies have shown that this compound can significantly improve the learning and memory function of various dementia animal models and increase the expression of brain-derived nerve growth factor.

Rees expressed "very excited" about NJS's laboratory results. "Pre-clinical research data has laid a good foundation for the international development of products, and I am very optimistic about the prospects of the products," Rees said.
Sun Jianzhong said that from the research and development process of the NJS project, it can be seen that Chinese medicine research institutions are paying more and more attention to the patent protection of innovative drugs.
In the early days of NJS development, the Academy of Military Medical Sciences applied for domestic patents for the drug, and applied for foreign patents in various potential markets such as Europe, the United States, Japan, and Korea, thus forming a method for drug preparation, new uses, derivatives, etc. Patent protection network.
At the signing ceremony on the 22nd, both parties refused to disclose the specific amount involved in the "patent license". (中财网)

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