Four foods in winter improve baby immunity

In winter, the weather is cold. The baby is a weak and weak population. The resistance is more likely to get sick. Mothers can do more foods to improve the baby's immunity. For the baby to eat, the following four recipes are not delicious, but they can also attract baby saliva DC. The baby worms in the baby's stomach can not stop, but also in the winter to nourish the body and improve the baby's immune system. It can be said to be simple and practical.

Orange juice fillet

Raw materials: oranges, fillets

Cooking Method: Peel the oranges first. Add appropriate amount of fruit juice in custard powder, add water to open, boil over low heat, add fresh orange and sugar in dices, and mix well until ready. Slice the fish into pieces, add wine and salt for a short while; use batter and flour and a little water to make the batter. Place the fish paste on top and put it in a pan. Finally, topped the boiled orange juice and mix well.

Role: Fresh fruit into the dish is a new trend for healthy eating. Orange is rich in vitamin C, can help iron absorption, prevent anemia, help digestion, but also protect blood vessels, and maintain the health of teeth and gums.

Yam shrimp balls

Raw materials: shrimp, yam powder, eggs

Cooking method: First, chop the shrimps into scallop stalks, add yam powder and appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, rice wine, onion, egg, cornstarch, stir well, and then make them into small pans and fry them in a frying pan. Finally, use a little water, soy sauce, sugar, and fried balls to cook for a while.

Role: Yam has the benefits of spleen appetizers, this dish is suitable for children with spleen deficiency, eating less.

Peanut green bean mud

Raw materials: peanuts, green beans

Cooking method: First fry the cooked peanuts and the cooked green beans with a pulverizer and chop them. Then add a proper amount of butter and sugar and stir into a puree.

Role: Peanuts and green beans are sweet and tasteful, especially green beans contain eight kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body and have extremely high nutritional value.

Walnut kernels with chicken

Raw materials: chicken breast, walnut, a little

Cooking method: First cut the chicken shank meat into small Ding, sizing the oil, put the chopped walnut on the pan and fry for a while, then put a little water, add the salt, MSG, and finally pour Smooth chicken, walnuts, oysters, pan pots.

Function: Walnuts in dried fruit are rich in nutrients and are traditional brain foods; this dish is red and white, and has the effect of brain-building.

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