Fuel consumption soared! Associated with 8 glitches

If you find that fuel consumption is suddenly over 10% more than usual, it may mean that the car has a problem. You can look for the causes and remedial measures in the following eight areas in a timely manner:

1. If you find that the taxi's current taxiing distance is significantly reduced while you are driving, you should check if the tire pressure meets the air pressure standard. If the tires are inflated, the fuel consumption will increase.

Tip: Adequate gas for tires is available in due course.

2, check the degree of wear of the tire, if the tire is worn out, it will often slip phenomenon, increase fuel consumption.

Tip: Replace new tires if necessary.

3. If you find that the wheels have abnormal noise during driving or starting, you should check the bearing and brake system for failure. If the wheels rotate abnormally, it will affect the speed of the vehicle and increase fuel consumption.

Tip: Repair the bearing and brake system.

4. Clutch slipping can cause the engine's revolutions to be lost. When you suddenly accelerate, you find that the engine tachometer increases quickly, but the increase in speed is very slow. At this time, it can be determined that the clutch is slipping.

Tip: The clutch plate, clutch platen and drive wheel need to be replaced.

5. When your car has traveled two or three hundred thousand kilometers, the cylinder pressure is usually insufficient, and the fuel consumption will obviously increase.

Tip: If this failure really occurs, the engine needs to be overhauled.

6, when the exhaust pipe appears black smoke, fuel consumption increases, you need to check the carburetor.

Tip: If the carburetor is too dirty, it can be sprayed with a cleaning agent directly into the inlet of the carburetor. If black smoke is emitted at this time, the carburetor can only be disassembled and cleaned.

7. If the spark plug is used for too long, there will be an increase in fuel consumption. Because spark plug damage will reduce the ignition energy, the vehicle speed will slow down, leading to a significant increase in gasoline consumption.

Tip: The spark plug should be replaced.

8, when the car's temperature control switch and thermostat damage, there will be increased fuel consumption. Because the temperature control switch and the thermostat damage will cause the water temperature to decrease, the carburetor will not work properly, resulting in poor atomization of the gasoline and a significant increase in fuel consumption.

Tip: Check the thermostat and thermostat.

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