Garden fruit trees are exquisite

In carrying out new rural construction, many farmers plant fruit trees in the courtyard, which not only beautifies the environment but also is a good way to increase economic income. However, due to the lack of technology, production is not high, and the efficiency is not significant. Therefore, the following points should be taken into account when implementing garden fruit trees.

1. Select local species suitable for garden planting. There are many types of fruit trees, such as peach, plum, persimmon, jujube, pear, chestnut and other fruit trees. All kinds of fruit trees have different requirements for environmental conditions, such as pears, chestnuts and other fruit trees on the soil requirements. Higher, looser, fertile and deeper soil layers are suitable for their growth and can benefit from rapid development after planting. Persimmons should not be planted in drought and barren lands. Different fruit trees have different requirements for light, heat, water, and fertilizer. For example, pears, grapes, and other fruit trees are resistant to low temperatures; peaches, plums, and other fruit trees are sunny; bayberry trees are shade-resistant and should be planted according to the location of the garden and the species Reasonable arrangement.

2.Scientific layout, appropriate tree shelter in front of sheltering sunny place, can be planted peach, plum, bayberry and other fruit trees; after the house and on both sides can be planted pear, persimmon, chestnut, jujube and other fruit trees; balcony, windowsill, roof plane, short Potted kumquats, grapes, dwarf peaches, etc. It is also necessary to combine the actual conditions and pay attention to the arrangement of different varieties of early, middle and late fruit trees during planting, so as to achieve continuous flowering in the four seasons and different fruits in different seasons.

3. Adequate light, well-ventilated gardens Fruit trees are planted in the courtyard. Due to the obstruction of the walls and houses, and the shady foliage of the fruit tree crowns, the shading and poor ventilation will occur. This will cause fruit trees to flourish, which is not conducive to nutrient accumulation. Age is not a result or very few results. Therefore, we should do a good job in removing obstacles from ventilation and lighting, and we should trim the arbors with fruit trees or trunk bending, increase the distance between layers, remove the outer dense branches, upright branches, leggy branches and competing branches, so that the fruit trees can Internal and external ventilation, see the light from top to bottom, increase the accumulation of photosynthetic products, promote the fruiting of young trees, and the annual results of big trees.

4. Configuration pollination tree garden planting fruit trees generally few, it is difficult to configure the pollination tree, and most fruit trees self-flowering rate is low, must be equipped with pollination trees to high yield, when planting should be selected with a good pollination varieties. Some fruit trees such as pears, plums and peaches have low rates of self-pollination, and bayberry and others are dioecious fruit trees. When planting the above fruit trees, different varieties with good quality, high yield, strong disease resistance, and consistent flowering period must be planted to pollinate trees and paired male and female plants. Special attention must be paid to the inability to mix pears with peaches, pears with cypresses, grapes with cypress trees.

5. Pest Control Pests and diseases Garden fruit trees are mostly intercropping with vegetables, and rarely spraying or even spraying pesticides at the place of residence. Therefore, pests and diseases are severely harmed, often resulting in incomplete or early fall-off of the leaves, which affects the photosynthesis of fruit trees. Flowering results. Therefore, the garden planting fruit trees should do a good job of pest control. From autumn leaves to sprouting in the spring, carefully inspect the trunks, branches and skin cracks and find that the eggs are immediately destroyed and destroyed, and the fallen leaves are promptly removed to concentrate or burn. In winter, the pruned branches and stems and branches removed by pruning are collected. For dried larvae, they can be killed by overwintering overwintering larvae or using cotton balls impregnated with pesticides in the hole to seal off the larvae.

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