Good technique for managing summer nectarines

First, control the shoot tip prosperous.
(1) Strengthen the control of fertilizer and water. In particular, the control of nitrogen fertilizer, in the early growth period and fruit picking, do not cut too much nitrogen to prevent shoots prosperous;
(2) To wipe off buds promptly. For useless secondary branches/third branches and back buds should be promptly erased. If eradication is not timely, branches should be timely and timely in order to maintain good canopy permeability;
(3) In the main trunk of the tree, snaking and applying Huanhua No. 1 can effectively control the growth of shoots.
Second, to strengthen the thinning of fruit and fruit, in order to increase fruit. As the fruit setting rate of nectarines is high, if the fruiting of thinning and thinning fruits does not follow, the fruits will become smaller and affect the commercial quality of the fruit. Therefore, in the production should be strictly sparse flowers and thinning fruit, in accordance with the strength of the results of the growth of branches, in the early flowering period sparse flowers and thinning fruit, strong branches each leave 4-6 flowers, keep 2-3 fruit, Zhongzhi stay 2-4 Flowers, keep 1-2 fruit, short branches and bouquets of branches to stay double flowers, warranty fruit, ensure that the tree leaves about 120 per square meter of space in order to facilitate the full expansion of the fruit, improve the fruit of the commodity.
Third, prevent fruit rust, keep the fruit surface smooth. Since nectarines are hairless, fruit rust is easily infested, fruit rust occurs, and commerciality is reduced, which affects the improvement of production efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen prevention and control in concrete terms:
(1) Strictly control the amount of branches, keep the park open, reduce the air humidity in the park, and suppress the occurrence of diseases;
(2) fruit bagging for fruit protection;
(3)Protection of chemicals, in rainy years, when the humidity in the garden is large, a 25% warmable chlorothalonil powder 2000 times solution should be used to add a new high-fat film 800 times solution or 65% warmable agent zinc powder in time. 500-600 times the liquid plus a new high-fat film spray 800 times to prevent fruit surface clean, improve the commercial nature of the fruit, generally should be about every 7 days, alternating spraying with the above-mentioned pesticides, can control the hazards.
Fourth, increase fruit flavor. In the production of nectarines, faint flavours tend to appear. The main reasons are the excessive water supply or unreasonable fertilization and earlier harvesting. The ways to increase the flavor are:
(1) Limit water supply. Especially during fruit enlargement period, if it is not too dry, do not apply water easily to increase the accumulation of substances in the fruit and increase the fruit flavor;
(2) increase the material supply, in the flowering period of fruit trees, young fruit period, the fruit expanding period of a strong fruit Tilin, can promote the accumulation of sugar in the fruit, so that the fruit becomes more sweet;
(3) To harvest properly. In the beginning of the fruit coloring period, the fruit begins to enter the period of accumulation of nutrients. The longer the fruits grow, the more accumulated nutrients, the more fragrant the fruit, so it should be timely harvested.

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