How does the summer corn be correct?

Tests have shown that if the summer corn can be properly and properly emasculated, the yield can be increased by about 10%, and the method is simple. You must master the following points when you go:

1, emasculation time. When the tassels of maize have just been outcropped, the emasculation is best when they have not yet bloomed, and the effect is also the best. This is because the plants are still short and the tassels are crisp and easy to pull out. When the detasseling time is too late, it is easy to pull out the leaves and break the stems. Choose a sunny day from 9 am to 4 pm when the temperature is higher than the best time, so that the fastest wound healing.

2, to male method. The interplanting summer maize can be interplanted with septa, and the live summer corn can be lined one line or two lines alternately, and the exposed tassels can be completely removed within 1-2 days. In addition, when the emasculation is performed, the tassels on the diseased plant, the inferior plant, the weak plant, and the gall worm plant can be removed together to concentrate the nutrient supply to the ear, reduce the empty culm, and increase the grain weight.

3, the number of castration. For interplanting summer maize with well-developed plants, high field uniformity, and low insect pests, the number of castrations can account for 35-40% of the total field, and the number of castrated summer corns is the most suitable for accounting for 45-50% of the whole field.

4, protect the parietal lobe. Don't injure the uppermost leaves when you go emasculating, let alone remove, because the top leaves of corn plants have a decisive influence on grain filling and economic yield.

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