How safe is the fry

Check the efficacy of the clear pond medicine before the fish ponds. Dozens of fry were placed in cages in the pond, and half-day to day-long observation of fry activity was normal. After about 7 days of clear ponds, the efficacy basically disappeared.

Before the fish fry were stocked, the empty ponds were evacuated once or twice with a dense mesh net to clean the harmful insects, frog eggs, cockroaches, and wild fish that bloomed in the rear pool of the clear pond.

Fry to timely pond. Early, tender seedlings, poor feeding and activity, weak vitality, survival rate after the pool is not high; too late, Miao old, yolk sac has been absorbed, the body is lack of nutrition and weight loss, poor health, easy to die. In the fry hatch should have four days to 5 days, inflated swim bladder, when normal levels of swimming and eating outside food, timely pond.

Fry to choose sunny pond. Sunny days, high temperatures, strong vitality of fry, is conducive to normal growth; rainy days, often sudden drop in temperature, water temperature mutations, fish fry vitality, especially in the rain, fish seedlings focused on grabbing water, both physical exertion, but also can not eat in time, easily lead to Onset of death.

Fry to eat after the next pond. In order to improve the health and vitality of the fry, one 10,000 fish fry were fed with 2 cooked egg yolks in the afternoon before the seedlings, wrapped in gauze, crushed, and washed into egg yolk to feed the fish. The next morning, feed one more meal. The egg yolk will increase to 4 and it can be sprouted at noon.

To choose the same species of fry. On the windy day, the winds will be raised in the upwind position to prevent the seedlings from being blown to the edge of the pool to death. If fry are transported from other places, especially those fed by nylon bags, the temperature difference between the water temperature in the bag and the temperature of the pond water should not exceed 4°C. The nylon bag can be opened first, the bag can be put into the pond, and the pond can be properly put. After tens of minutes, when the water temperature is basically the same, put the seedlings into the pool.

Micirculation Microscope:

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Micirculation Microscope

Micirculation Microscope

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