How to do cucumber abnormality

There are 4 main types of malformed cucumbers:

One, tipped melon. The main reason was that the cucumber was weakly parthenocarpic and the female flowers in the flowering stage were not fertilized, resulting in the malnutrition of the fruit tip. Prevention measures create good pollination conditions during the flowering period of cucumbers, such as bee feeding and artificial pollination. In addition, the supply of nitrogen fertilizer is insufficient in the early stage of plant growth, making the plant stems thin and tough, and it also produces sharp-stemmed melons. The control measures include the application of fertilizers with high nitrogen content such as urea.

Second, Daduguagua. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Insemination of female flowers in cucumber is incomplete. Only seeds are produced at the apex of melons, which leads to a particularly enlarged pulp in the apex. Control measures to create good conditions for flowering and pollination. 2. Plants lack potassium and excess nitrogen. Control measures include applying potassium nitrate, turfgrass, etc., or applying 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution to spray the leaves of plants. 3. The lack of water in the early growth of cucumber, and a large number of water supply in the later period. Control measures provide a balanced supply of water throughout the growing season, keeping the soil wet.

Third, bending melon. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Cucumbers are produced during the growth of cucumbers due to the effects of high temperature, high humidity, and adverse weather conditions. The prevention measures are to take a toothpick and tie it on the cucumber vines that produce the curved melon parts. After pouring water again, the melon strips can be straightened the next day. At this time, the fine toothpick will be pulled out and the cucumbers can still grow normally. 2. In the process of growth, cucumber is blocked by foreign matter and cannot stretch normally, resulting in malformed bending. The prevention and control measures are cucumbers sitting on melons and removing foreign substances that block the growth of cucumbers so that the cucumbers can grow normally.

Fourth, the beak waist melon. The female flower of cucumber is not completely pollinated, and it easily develops into a beaked kidney melon. After the cucumber is pollinated, the nutrient supply in the plant is insufficient, dry matter accumulation is less, and it is easy to form bee loincloth. Prevention and control measures to strengthen nutrition, especially during the melon period to increase fertilizer and water supply, to ensure adequate accumulation of nutrients.

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