How to make rose flowers

To make the month of the month bloom, water and fertilizer management is the foundation, timely pruning is the key. Because the plant's growth law is the first vegetative growth before they can enter the reproductive growth, vegetative growth is the stage of accumulation of nutrients for reproductive growth, lack of nutrition, will not flower. So when the Chinese rose blossoms once, it takes 2-3 months to bloom again. To make the month and month of the month bloom, it is necessary to cut off part of the dense flowering branches in time when the buds are formed at the beginning of the season to encourage the plants to produce some new vegetative shoots at the same time as flowering to replace the old flowering branches and to reach the alternation between old and new. The specific approach is: When the flowers on the squid have just faded, they will cut 3-5 sections of the flowers. In principle, long squid pruning is longer, and short squid pruning is shorter. The main squid is long-scissors, and the lateral squid branches are cut off at the point where the main branches are aligned. The last squid branches on each main branch are weak and strong, and heavy shearing is performed to stimulate the young branches on the low-section main branch to sprout new and vigorous branches to form new branches. Order to replace the old branch after flowering. In this way, the moon and months of the month can be bloomed, and the more open the flowers, the brighter the colors.

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