How to remove wool

Cotton wool can be used for degreasing. Put the cotton into the cylinder and add 1000ml of crude sulfuric acid with a specific gravity of about 1.8 per 10kg of cotton.
After about 10 minutes, all the short-staple velvet disappeared, and the shell was removed when it was black, rinsed with clean water and dried for use. Sulfuric acid degreasing can make cotton seeds smooth and convenient for mechanical sowing. After sowing, the seed shells directly contact the soil, absorb water quickly, germination and emergence are early, and the emergence rate is high. Sulfuric acid fluffing also has obvious sterilization and disease prevention effects.

Air purification activated carbon is a kind of activated carbon, the use of high-quality activated carbon specially treated for the special purification of contaminated air, so called air purification activated carbon. Only the hardness, high strength, porous pores of activated carbon as air purification activated carbon


Activated carbon is a carbonaceous material with relatively high carbon content and relatively developed voids, such as coal, shell, wood, bone, petroleum residue and other raw materials, after carbonization, and then through 800 to 1500 degrees of activation of high temperature, the formation of micro Hole and the hole, so that its specific surface area and adsorption capacity to meet certain requirements. Ordinary activated carbon production is generally divided into two processes, the first: carbonization, the second: activation. Activated carbon is divided into decolorization of activated carbon, water purification activated carbon, air purification activated carbon, heavy metal recovery of activated carbon hundreds of species, use and its wide range of science is currently the most effective adsorption material.


Air purification activated carbon: is a cylindrical activated carbon. Is a high-quality activated carbon specially treated for the special purification of contaminated air. Only hardness, high strength, pores for the micro-hole
Activated carbon can be used as air purification carbon. Shell charcoal, coal can be used as raw materials for air purification of carbon. Coconut shell activated carbon which best.

Air purification activated carbon, the choice of high quality wood or coconut shell, through the depth of activation and unique pore size adjustment process, the activated carbon has rich pores, and the size of the hole is slightly larger than the toxic gases, specific surface area> 1300 m2 / g, benzene, Formaldehyde, ammonia and other toxic and harmful gases with high efficiency adsorption capacity, which can effectively remove indoor air of gaseous pollutants and harmful malodorous substances, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing pollution and purifying the air. Now Division I introduced spherical and column-shaped products according to different applications, so easy to desorption regeneration, low loss, compared with the traditional particles or powdered activated carbon has a higher life, can greatly reduce the cost of users. Therefore, whether in terms of efficiency or consumer perspective, activated carbon are all the best air purification filter.


Industrial use: a variety of job sites deodorant to poison and air-conditioning filters, air purifiers, central air conditioning filter system, air filters, air purifiers, car filters.

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