How to topdressing spring tomato tomatoes nitrogen fertilizer

From the planting of tomatoes to flowering, the growth of plants is small, the demand for nitrogen fertilizer is low, and the nitrogen fertilizer in the soil can fully meet the needs of the growth of tomato plants. Therefore, there is no need to apply nitrogen fertilizer in this period. From the tomato into the fruiting period, with the rise of temperature, the growth rate of the plant is accelerated, and the growth rate is increased. At this time, attention must be paid to flushing with nitrogen fertilizer to ensure nutrient supply to the tomatoes. When opening the first ear flower, topdressing 20 ~ 25 kg of nitrogen fertilizer per acre or so, and at the same time with the application of potash fertilizer, in order to promote the normal growth of tomatoes. From the first fruit set of the first ear of tomatoes to the fourth fruit set of the tomatoes, the transpiration of the tomatoes increases due to the gradual increase in temperature, and the time interval between watering becomes shorter, so the amount of nitrogen fertilizer for each flushing cannot be excessive. Reduce nitrogen loss with water. Can also be watered and flushed with water every time, pay attention to reducing the amount of application is appropriate. When the tomatoes enter the harvesting period, the demand for nitrogen is reduced. At this time, the use of nitrogen fertilizers can be reduced to about 15 kg. This can meet the demand for nitrogen fertilizers for tomato coloring, but pay attention to increasing the application rate of potassium fertilizers.

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