Introduction of Chinese herbal medicines

1. Seed quality: The first is to buy real seeds. The second is that the life of the seeds is a time limit, do not buy Chen seeds or Chen seeds, so as not to affect the germination rate. The third is to focus on quality, including cleanliness, 1000-grain weight, and sick seeds. Observed with the naked eye, the seeds should be full, full, and tidy, and they can be inspected with 1,000-grain weight. If you purchase seeds of valuable herbs or use a large amount of seeds, you should sample them to the relevant department for quality inspection and then purchase them.
2. Environment, light: It should be noted whether the environmental conditions are suitable for the growth and propagation of the introduced Chinese herbal medicines. More than 90% of the dry matter derived from Chinese herbal medicine is derived from photosynthesis. However, due to the differences in the origin of various medicinal materials and the hereditary differences formed, the requirements for light intensity are also different.
3. Seed price: The price of seeds varies, and prices vary in different years and in different regions of the same year. Should be asked more than a few places, carefully identify the quality of the same species, different quality of seed prices are often greater differences. Buying seeds is best to go to some medicine planting bases to purchase, which is better than the medicinal herbs market. Some herbs seeds must be treated before special treatment to facilitate seedling emergence. The price of processed and untreated seeds is naturally different.
4. Calculate and use seed quantity: Using fine seeds for fine seed is the first step to ensure seedling rate, and it can also save money. Do not use the market's seller's advice to use the amount.
5. Kinds of planting seedlings: To select healthy, disease-free, rotten, or bad seedlings, the size of the seedlings should be divided and planted to facilitate field management and increase production. After planting, it is necessary to ensure that there are 1-2 buds.
6. Understanding habits: Accurate understanding of the various plant production requirements. According to the rational planning of the different habits of medicinal materials, technical personnel are required to provide production guidance, and efforts should be made to grasp techniques such as picking, processing, etc., to ensure stable production and high yields, and to increase economic income.

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