It is necessary to attach great importance to the revolution of medical methods in Haifu technology.

The 21st century is a new century in the development of bioelectronics medicine. Ultrasound diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of ultrasound have become the focus of attention in the medical community at home and abroad. The ultrasound non-invasive treatment industry has become one of the most promising industries in the future. China has high-intensity focused ultrasound with independent intellectual property rights (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound). The English abbreviation "HIFU" and transliteration "Haofu" have been at the world's leading level in therapeutic technology, opening up broad prospects for life-medical engineering and improving human health, making full use of this modern high-tech, without drugs or drugs. It can fully achieve the purpose of protecting health, prolonging life, saving time and money for patients and reducing pain. To this end, Li Jianping, a member of the China Democratic National Construction Association, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Xicheng District Committee of the People's Republic of China, and the former Assistant Secretary-General of the China National Medicine Association, stressed in an interview in Beijing that the country should attach great importance to the 'Haifu technology' generated by technological innovation. Revolutionary changes brought about by human medical methods. Then, from three aspects, he told us about the impact of “ultrasound medical” equipment on the reform of treatment methods and the necessity of its existence, and called on the state to continuously strengthen the guidance and supervision of medical equipment procurement.

First, modern medical treatment methods from "big creation" to "minimally invasive", from "invasive" to "non-invasive" is an inevitable trend.

The medical device industry is an internationally recognized industry that will never decline. Every step of the advancement of medical technology will bring a broader and more humane choice to the means of treating diseases. With the emergence of new social theories, new concepts, and new technologies, the need to reduce trauma, preserve organs, and improve the quality of postoperative life is increasing. These have prompted the treatment to be more scientific, more reasonable, and more human. The direction of development.

The development direction of modern medicine is to reduce the damage to patients on the basis of achieving the purpose of treatment, from "big creation" to "minimally invasive", from "invasive" to "non-invasive", which is the inevitable development of human medicine. trend.

Consider whether the medical level of a country or region is developed, mainly in terms of hardware and software. The hardware is mainly reflected in whether the departments are fully equipped, such as how many advanced medical equipments the hospital has, etc.; software refers to the level of doctors' medical technology, and the most direct manifestation is the doctor's proficiency in the use of instruments and medical tools. . In a sense, it is not a doctor but a medical device that cures people today!

Nowadays, the world's diagnostic equipment is mainly based on four major imaging systems, namely CT, MRI, M-ray and B-mode ultrasound. Among them, B-ultrasound as a representative of ultrasound diagnostic equipment together with MRI, because it has minimal impact on the human body, avoiding the possible harm caused by diagnosis, it has been widely praised as "green diagnosis."

In today's world, "ultrasound" has been widely used in diagnostics, therapeutics, engineering and biology. With the tireless pursuit of non-invasive treatment and longevity, the development of ultrasound diagnosis towards ultrasound therapy is the only way for the development of ultrasound medical engineering. Ultrasound has evolved from the ability to diagnose a variety of diseases to "high-intensity focused ultrasound" (English abbreviation "HIFU", transliteration "Haofu") non-invasive treatment of a variety of new diseases, is a major innovation in modern medicine, but also made traditional medicine into the A brand new era.

Ultrasound treatment in China started slightly later. In the 1950s, only a few hospitals in the country underwent ultrasound therapy; in 1950, Beijing first began using 800KHz frequency ultrasound therapy machines. In order to revitalize the national medical equipment industry, the domestic B-super can be born as soon as possible. The original Mianyang Electronic Instrument Factory Mianyang Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd., in 1974, took the lead in developing the B-mode ultra-Chinese, which filled the domestic gap. In order to promote B-ultrasound diagnosis technology, the first revolution of medical treatment, the company has held thousands of B-ultrasound training courses throughout the country, and it produces more than 70,000 "Huaxi" brand ultrasonic diagnostic and ultrasonic treatment equipment , which basically meets The demand of 80% of domestic hospitals has been exported to 56 countries and regions overseas, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of China's medical and health care and the implementation of the national policy of family planning.

As the first enterprise in the medical ultrasound industry at home and abroad to produce ultrasonic diagnostic and ultrasonic treatment equipment, the company has invested more than 50 million yuan for several years, and developed a high level of independent intellectual property rights in China, with international advanced level and leading position in China. The intensity-focused ultrasound tumor treatment system and ultrasound treatment series products, as well as high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy products such as ultrasonic microbubble therapy devices, have won international reputation for the Chinese, and also indicate the "second revolution of medical methods" for ultrasound. The scope of use is now developed by the current hospital's ultrasound department to oncology, dermatology, sexually transmitted diseases, obstetrics and gynecology and general surgery, and will certainly radiate and extend to a broader field of medical treatment and research.

In order to improve the level of human health, it is especially necessary for many ultrasound engineering experts, medical experts, professors, scholars, medical staff, business friends and friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to care for and support, and gradually improve this new treatment technology. Like B-ultrasound, it must be installed and used in hospitals and medical research institutions at different levels, both internationally and domestically, and widely popularized and promoted to better benefit humanity.

Second, seize the high-end medical equipment market, and vigorously popularize safe and efficient "green therapy."

Today, the focus of the global medical equipment industry is in line with the trend of the times toward the "minimally invasive" and "non-invasive" equipment tilt and development. It is reported that in 2009, the United States spent $37 billion on research and development for minimally invasive, non-invasive medicine and medical technology . In this regard, we will catch up with the emergency and increase investment, especially the state should focus on supporting and investing.

Now, the American medical community has identified the "HIFU" technology as the most promising new technology in the 21st century. China has developed a successful "HIFU" that has been used in clinical practice. The technology series products should be said that even the United States, which is highly developed in high technology, has only just begun to develop since 2007.

Here, the idea of ​​"using ultrasound to achieve non-invasive surgery for humans" is quite interesting. It was first proposed by American scientists in the 1940s. Unexpectedly, after more than half a century, our Chinese have independently developed this technology and brought the gospel to human society. Just as the Chinese invented gunpowder to the West, Westerners invented explosives. This "non-invasive concept" originally originated in the West was successfully applied to medical medical practice by the Chinese through independent innovation, and deservedly praised. To be - the "Nobel" phenomenon in the world of medicine.

At present, we must break the current situation that the world medical equipment industry has long been monopolized by Western developed countries. We must especially cherish that China's high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy technology is at the forefront of the world's medical high-tech field, and the use of ultrasound non-invasive treatment technology - Such as "high-intensity focused ultrasound tumor treatment system", etc., can be described as China's medical device equipment industry to go international and seize the breakthrough of high-end medical equipment market.

In this regard, as pointed out by the State Food and Drug Administration: "In addition to a few leading technologies such as ultrasound focusing, the overall level of medical devices and foreign countries have a large gap, and this situation is It's hard to change in a short time."

The so-called "high-intensity focused ultrasound" is the principle of converting the acoustic energy of ultrasonic waves into thermal energy. It takes only 0.25 seconds to 0.1 seconds to generate a high temperature of 65 ° C ~ 100 ° C in the tissue of the focal region, thereby making the tumor cells Tissue degeneration, coagulation, necrosis, where the focus is applied, the tumor cell kill rate can reach 100%. This is also impossible to achieve by other methods than surgery. Therefore, it is recognized by the international medical community as a new, safe, and effective fourth-generation treatment for cancer after "surgery," "chemotherapy," and "radiotherapy." , is a completely safe and efficient "green therapy."

This high-intensity focused ultrasound technology advocates "respect for life and respect for organs." It can preserve the breast of patients with breast cancer, the limbs of patients with bone tumors, and the uterus of patients with uterine fibroids, which can greatly improve the quality of life and quality of life of patients. About 600,000 uterus are removed every year in the United States, and there are at least 2 million in China. Among them, at least half of our women and sisters are reluctant to remove the uterus. In this sense, there are just too many things to keep the uterus and what we need to do!

Third, the negative impact on patients, the status of invasive or radiotherapy equipment in the main position needs to be changed.

At present, the development of medical treatment equipment in China still lags behind the development of diagnostic equipment, and the equipment for human invasion or radiation therapy still dominates. It is important to point out that at present, whether it is traditional surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, it will inevitably have a certain negative impact on patients to a certain extent. In fact, both the patient and the medical community are calling for the emergence of medical devices that are truly effective and have no toxic side effects.

Today, such as ultrasound diagnosis and ultrasound non-invasive treatment technology, this non-radiative, non-invasive treatment technology that meets the requirements of objective development rules represents the future development direction of human medical and medical equipment industry. According to this, Li Jinping pointed out that the state should attach great importance to scientific and technological innovations, such as the revolutionary changes brought about by the "HIFU" technology to the human society medical system. It is necessary to continuously increase investment, especially the government must vigorously promote advanced national medical care. Equipment manufacturing enterprises and industries must update and eliminate backward medical equipment and equipment as soon as possible, and rationally allocate strategic resources of medical equipment.

At the age of 51, Li Jinping suggested that governments at all levels should continuously strengthen the government procurement guidance and supervision of medical equipment. Because, only in this way can we better reflect the party and the people's government's high regard for the people's livelihood issues. This is also a good thing to implement and implement the scientific development concept and build an innovative country to benefit the country and the people!

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