Jinbao micro fermentation

Jinbao Micro-storage Fermentation mixes the Jinbao feed fermentation aid into micro-storage materials (straw, wheat straw, corn stover, etc.), then anaerobic fermentation process in a sealed cellar for a certain period of time to make the crop stalks The acid-flavoured forage is then fed to the livestock (? The anaerobic fermentation process softens the forages, degrades the cellulose, fluffies, and increases the fat protein content. The palatability is good and the digestibility can be increased). However, it must be noted that 1 does not have to use mildew straw as raw material; 2 micro-storage time must be 21-30 days before access to feed the animals; 3 take the material by layer by layer, take with the feed, take the same day The day is used up; 4 After the grass is taken, use the plastic film above to seal off and take the grass to avoid deterioration caused by rain immersion; 5 When feeding the micro-grain forage, salt is added during the production process, so this part of the salt In the livestock diet, the required salt should be added after feeding.

        Organic Clarified Goji Berry Juice concentrate is made from organc Goji Berry Juice. And the material of our organic berry juice is made from our own organic goji berry planted in our own farm. So we can promise all of our goji berry juice is organic and we can control the pesticide residue. We have the Letter Patent of clarified Goji Juice Concentrate because our president is diving into goji berry and goji products for many years. And we also want to abroad the culture of goji to all over the world. In addition, Organic Clarified Goji Juice Concentrate is usually used to add in other functional drinks.

        Organic clarified goji berry juice concentrate(brix 45%)



1) Color: Brownish red or deep brownish red 
2) Taste & Odor: Fresh Goji Berry juice taste and smell, no peculiar smell. 
3) Histomorphology: The product is semitransparent, allowing a small amount of fine sediment after standing 
4) Impurity: No visible foreign impurities 

Physics & Chemical Specification

1) Brix(%): ≥45.0 
2) Total Acid(g/100mLas Citric Acid): ≥0.8 
3) pH: 3.5-4.1 

Microorganism  Specification
1) TPC (CFU/mL): ≤100 
2) Yeast (CFU/mL): ≤100 
3) Mould (CFU/mL): ≤10  
4) Coliform (CFU/mL): ≤10



Country of Origin



1) Inner package is 200kgs aseptic bag, outer package is opening steel drum.
2) Inner package is 25kgs aseptic bag, outer package is opening steel drum.


Should be stored at room temperature in clean, cool, dry warehouse, prevent sun, rain, and not be stored with corrosive, toxic, and smelly item. With these conditions, product shelf life is 18 months. (suggestion: 5-8℃).  

Organic Clarified Goji Juice Concentrate (Brix 45%)

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