Keeping good rabbits

(A) The female rabbit has skills during the day. Females were assigned to breed at 9-12 pm or at 3-5 am so that 95% of females gave birth between the days 7-14. When the pregnancies of the gestation female have premonitory symptoms such as laying down milk or pulling hair, each rabbit is injected with 1-2 millilitres of oxytocin muscle. After half an hour, it can produce calves and the survival rate is 100%. (b) There is a new law for male rabbit castration. One gram of calcium oxide was dissolved in 10 ml of distilled water, and then 0.1 ml of formaldehyde solution was added, and the solution was bottled with a gauze filter and used as a backup. The testicles of the male rabbit were sterilized with alcohol. Each testicle was injected with 1-2 mg of the liquid. The testicles were swollen for several hours and 3-5 hours naturally detached. The castrated male rabbits gained weight quickly and had tender meat. (C) garlic onion can cure rabbit coccidiosis. 20 grams of peeled garlic, 30 grams of scallion smashed onion, rabbits fed into the feed, more than one kilogram of rabbits fed 20 grams, one kilogram of rabbits fed 15 grams, 2 times a day, and even fed 5 days. (d) There are many benefits of glucose feeding rabbits. Adding 10-15% glucose to feed in rabbits can increase feed intake. Feeding 20-30% glucose in the feed 8-12 days prior to mating of the female rabbit can increase the rate of female rabbits by 12-15% and prevent postpartum pregnancy toxemia. (E) The leeks fed rabbits grow quickly. Leek has a warm air, blood circulation effect. Rabbits were fed 5 grams of leeks each day and soaked in cooked soybeans with 5-10 capsules to increase milk production and grow fast. (f) Linmu EC can cure rabbit rickets. The diseased rabbits were wiped with 0.5% Linmu cream for three days and they were able to treat rickets well. (7) Female rabbits have high yields. On the second day after mating, the female rabbits were fed compound keterones tablets every morning for 7 days. Each fetus produced 3-4 rabbits, and the rabbits were robust and had a high survival rate.

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