Management of Fertilizer after Colonization of Non-pollution Pepper

Pepper roots are shallow, the root volume is small, and the ability of sucking fertilizers is poor. The absorption of pepper during the fruiting period accounted for more than half of the total amount of fertilizers. Before the fruit was picked up from the door to the harvest, not only the plants grew, but also the fruits of the second and third layers were growing and the upper part was still forming. Branches and leaves, and one after another flowering and fruiting, require a large amount of fertilizer, if not timely fertilizer, not only the growth of plants is inhibited, but also affect the fruit's enlargement and development. The basic fertilizer is sufficient, the door pepper can meet the needs before fruit set, when the door pepper grows to about 3 centimeters long, can be combined with water for the first time dressing, 667 square meters of ammonium sulfate 25 kg, potassium sulfate 10 kg . Afterwards, topdressing was performed according to the growing conditions of the plants, and top dressings were separately applied before each layer of fruit was enlarged. Conditional carbon dioxide gas fertilizer can be applied.

Planting water and pouring water does not require watering before settling. However, the soil under the mulch film should always be kept moist. Under conditions of neither water shortage nor loose air permeability, the peppers can be quickly regenerated and grow normally. development. If the seedlings after the slow emergence of soil moisture, irrigation in the ditch under the film, the amount of water should not be too large, filling the water to cover the ridge end, into the seedling stage. Usually the first water is combined with topdressing (when the door is inflated). Pepper watering depends on the weather and soil moisture. The topsoil is white and 10 cm soil layers need to be watered when dry. In the cold season from December to January, do not top-dressing and watering, you can spray fertilizer, 5-7d once. Into February, 7-10d a water, chase 1 fertilizer every other time. Under the early film, the dark irrigation, and the water into the ditch into the fertilizer. In March-April, after the weather became warmer, the amount of air released was large. The water was poured 5-7 days, and the water could be sprayed after spreading fertilizer in the open ditch. After the irrigation of the open ditch should be seen in the surface soil, shallow loose soil to protect the clams, flood irrigation should not be flooded, nor should drought and flood uneven. Sudden watering after excessive drought is prone to falling, falling fruit and falling leaves.

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