New and old layer management

1. New chickens: New chickens are bred in the spring, and autumn and winter were opened in that year. Such young hens are depleted and their body condition is poor, and feeding and management should be strengthened. Feed more carbohydrate feed (such as corn, sorghum, dried melon, etc.) and protein feed (such as fish meal, bean cake, etc.). Also pay attention to supplement bone meal, shell powder, stone powder, green juicy feed to meet their egg production and recovery of physical needs. Even if chickens produce more eggs, they must ensure their health.

2, old chicken: old chicken that has been laying eggs for 1-2 years of chicken. In recent years, some people have argued that laying hens only use for 1 year (500 days from the chicks, and they will be eliminated after the eggs are finished). The author believes that although the egg production of old chickens is lower, but it can save a lot of brooding time and costs, if the scientific feeding, egg production rate is still relatively high, the calculation cost is still more cost-effective. The old chicken is characterized by: the feathers have been replaced in autumn and winter last year, the body condition is better. However, old chickens are prone to obesity. During the breeding process, they should pay attention to feed more protein meal such as fish meal and bean cake, and feed less carbohydrates such as corn, sorghum, melons, etc. which are easy to grow in long-term fat; feed more powder and green succulent Feed, feed less half-grain and pellet feeds, this will prevent the chickens from getting fat and affect the production of eggs.

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