"Nongfeng 8" lobster species

In the process of cultivation and improvement of the new variety of “Agriculture 8” and the experience of breeding for many years, it was not found that it has any lesions and it is very easy to raise. In the dirty waters, where other fish are difficult to survive, Feng 8 freshwater lobster is still growing. "Agriculture 8" freshwater lobster has a particularly high survival rate and strong vitality. It can be said that it is simple and easy to raise, without any diseases, and it does not require a high level of environmental climate. As long as it can raise fish, it can be cultured, and its oxygen consumption is the lowest. It also naturally winters like a fish. Ponds, ditches, reservoirs, and paddy fields can all be cultured. No matter what kind of farming methods are adopted, the following preparations should be made first: Use a dense net with a height of about 50 cm to make a simple fence around its culture area (about 30 in buried soil). In centimeters, a 12-cm high defense zone is used to slit the top of the fence to prevent the lobster from escaping. If the pond is farmed, some plants can be planted on the bottom of the pond. The surface of the water can grow aquatic creatures that occupy 1/4 of the surface area. The lobsters, rotten bricks, broken crocks, etc. are used for lobster inhabitation, feeding, spawning, and shelling. The optimally cultivated "Agriculture 8" lobsters and wild lobsters have roughly the same living habits and are more miscellaneous. "Nongfeng On the 8th, there are staple foods, grass growing on land, fruits and vegetables, rotten fruits, leftovers from slaughterhouses, rot-fish rotten meat, and various kinds of leftovers and animal feeds that have been fermented. The birth of “Nongfeng No.8” has filled the blank of domestic lobster without artificial breeding, changed the history of lobster supply relying only on the wild and no artificial breeding. In the winter and spring, when wild lobsters that hibernate through the hole are not caught in the countryside, the “Agriculture 8” lobster, which has been artificially farmed, can be listed in large quantities, and profits can be imagined.
At present, wild lobsters of various names in China are all of the same species known as Crawfish, and “Nongfeng No. 8” freshwater lobster is different from wild lobster. It is modified and bred by a preferred purification method without hybridization. Attributes, varieties are not degraded for a long period of time, introduced once, and benefited for many years. The specific differences are reflected in the following aspects:

1 Each of the “Nongfeng 8” freshwater lobsters has an individual size of 50 grams or more and a maximum of 200 grams. The common individuals of wild lobsters are half and two each, and the maximum total number of freshwater lobsters is only one or two and a half.

2 The “Nongfeng 8” freshwater lobster grows very fast. The 1cm seedlings grow to about 50-60g (about 10/kg) in 3 months, while the 1cm long wild lobster grows to 25 grams will take 6-7 months.

3 The “Nongfeng 8” freshwater lobster has a short growth cycle. It takes only 2.5 to 3 months from the first spawning to the second spawning, and the wild lobster needs to be spawned from the first spawning to the second spawning. 6-7 months or so.

4 Egg-laying hatching period is not the same: freshwater lobsters of “Nongfeng 8” only need about 10 days to produce hatchlings, while wild lobsters need 40-50 days to produce hatched larvae.

5 The “Nongfeng 8” freshwater lobster lays eggs on a yearly basis and can lay 200-400 eggs. The wild lobster lays eggs twice a year, spawning 50-150 eggs each time.

6 Freshwater lobster No. 8 “Nongfeng No. 8” will produce at least 2,000 kg per mu per year, and the annual yield of wild lobster will be only about 700 kg per mu.

7 The freshwater lobster of “Agriculture 8” has a survival rate of up to 95% from water and survivability of the water is more than 20 days.

8 "Affluent 8" freshwater lobsters prefer to live in groups; wild lobsters are ferocious and easy to cripple.

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