Peach Tree Summer Management Technical Advice

Summer is an important period of growth and results in the year. It is important to grasp the good growth of summer management work and to capture the key seasons of high quality and high efficiency of peaches. The opinions on the technical management requirements for the first five to eight months are as follows:

First, timely prevention and treatment of pests, so that the healthy growth of leaves and fruits

1. Disease prevention and control. Summer rain increases, especially in the rainy season, where the temperature and humidity changes greatly, various diseases of the peach tree are prone to occur. On the basis of the prevention and control of the previous stage, we continue to do a good job of preventing disease, preventing no less than 2 in the case of peach bagging. Times.

Medication method: Use thiophanate-methyl 1000 times to control carbon ancestry, brown rot, and peach bacterial perforation.

2, pest control. Insect pests in this period are mainly: Myzus persicae, Ailanthus australis, scale insects, moths, red spiders, pear nets, and control methods should be combined with disease prevention and spraying.

Medication methods: (1) peach locust, moth moth control with fennel; (2) skunk, scale insects, pear net raccoon use dichlorvos, the concentration of not less than 1800-2000 times, over-concentration can cause injury Injury leaves; (3) Starscream, the hazard period is generally after the high temperature season in July, the prevention and treatment of medication is 2000-2500 times better than Kezi Te, please give the farmers a flexible grasp during spraying. In general, before bagging, it was used to control peach aphid, skunk bug, and scale insect, and after bagging, it was used to prevent and control thorn moth, red spider, and pear larvae before fruit ripening.

Second, timely pruning in summer, control leggy, and promote the balanced growth of leaves

Summer is the time for the growth of peach trees and the hanging of fruit trees. It is an effective measure to grasp the pruning in the summer, control the local leggy of the trees, and regulate nutrient distribution. The summer pruning of juvenile trees takes 3-4 times. The main purpose is to strengthen the backbone shoots by summer pruning, control the branches of the competition, and the branches with different lengths, transform the good growth potential into a rapid expansion of the crown, and promote the formation of branches and fruit branches. . In the fruit-filled period, the pruning of trees in summer should be carried out 2-3 times. After summer shearing, the growth and contradiction of the results are solved, the ventilation and light transmission are improved, the growth of each branch is balanced, the light energy of the leaves is increased, and sufficient nutrients are produced for fruit expansion. Specific methods: According to the tree order, growth potential of different pruning, the general use of sparse sparse, sparse and strong to stay strong, so that the branches do not overlap, do not cross, focus on strengthening the pruning of branches, flexible sparse, cut, Shrinking, so that the growth of each branch relatively balanced.

Third, quantitative production, rational fruit retention, strive for high quality fruit

Peanut production must turn around the market, and high quality, low price, and even inferior production become ineffective production. In general, 100-150 fruit trees per juvenile peach tree, 4000-6000 trees per mu, and 200-250 fruit trees per tree, 8,000-10,000 trees per mu. Fruit retention method: Generally, 2 long fruit sticks are left, 1 fruit is left in middle fruit sticks, and 1 is short in 3 fruit sticks. The long fruit branch of the fruit-retaining part leaves the middle fruit, and the short fruit branch leaves the tip fruit.

Fourth, smooth channel system, do a good job of irrigation and drainage work

The growth characteristics of peach trees are afraid of water, and when dry, they like water. The ditch system is particularly important for drainage and irrigation, and it is the key to enable the ditch system to discharge energy. To win good quality fruits, in addition to good drainage, water must be promptly filled during droughts to ensure that the peaches inflate.

Peach middle and late varieties often suffer from high temperature and drought during the fruit enlargement period. Therefore, no rain is allowed in the middle or late July, and the mid-to-late varieties are inflated and mature. Water shortage will seriously affect fruit yield and quality. Therefore, timely water supply is the decisive period for obtaining good quality fruits. Drought-resistant method: Take 7 minutes of water-passing ditch, such as a mountainous peach field with severe water shortages, which can cover weeds, firewood, or straw, and improve drought resistance.

V. Applying big fertilizer and post-harvest fertilizer

Pre-harvest fertilizer and post-harvest fertilizer are the fundamental measures to win high yields year after year. Expanding fertilizer should be applied in the middle of June after bagging. Use high-quality potassium sulfate compound fertilizer or vegetable cake to add phosphate fertilizer. Generally, each tree is opened with a semi-circular shallow groove and evenly spreads 0.6-1 kg at the periphery of the crown. Timely soil; post-harvest fertilizer, the same way in the same way after the fruit harvesting with urea 0.3-0.5 kg flushing 50 times in the shallow ditch.

Sixth, weed grass loose soil, to ensure that the ground is air and light.

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