Pigs swarmed to be cautious

Looking at the fluctuation of live hog prices since 2009, the national hog price has risen from the low of 9 yuan per kilogram in May this year to around 12 yuan in September, which is close to 13.5 yuan during the Spring Festival this year, still lower than 2008 4 May is 17 yuan. With the favorable policy-driven benefits gradually appearing, the price of pork continued to oscillate upward. The current pig-to-food ratio has reached 6.61:1, which is higher than the break-even point of 6:1, and the industry has begun to make profits.

Affected by the dual factors of the country’s purchasing and storage policies and the rising cost of farming, pork prices have continued to rise since the middle of June and have risen by 20%. It is expected that the price of pigs will continue to increase slightly in the future, mainly due to the following: the current cool weather, increased holidays, and increased pork consumption; secondly, although the number of live pigs and breeding stocks in China is still higher than the normal level set by the Ministry of Agriculture, However, the number of sows that can keep sows has been declining since the beginning of the year, which has a positive impact on the supply and demand of live pigs in the future.

In recent days, the price of pigs has been on the rise, and many farmers are looking for this opportunity. They are interested in postponing the date of slaughter in order to obtain better benefits. According to the analysis of the current pig population and disease prevention and control, it is not desirable to reluctant sellers. The larger the pig's slaughter weight, the lower the feed reward. Therefore, it may not be possible for the pig farmers to reluctantly sell or stamp their stalls to make more money or even counterproductive. At the same time, the recovery of downstream hog prices has brought about a slight increase in feed demand, but it is less likely to increase significantly. In addition, the prices of feed ingredients such as soybeans and corn have rebounded to the level of the same period of last year and are expected to maintain a slight growth trend, which will increase the cost chain ratio. Therefore, while farmers are doing a good job in disease prevention and control, how to use health care methods and health care products to achieve more piglets' deaths and feed rewards is the key to profitability. Do not swarm up and fill the bar, Expanding columns needs to be treated with caution.

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