Several kinds of fashion drinking methods of buckwheat tea

Several kinds of fashion drinks of buckwheat tea:

1, black buckwheat tea + Astragalus: In bitter buckwheat tea plus appropriate amount of yellow wolfberry, suitable for qi deficiency.

2. Black buckwheat tea + Poria: Add wolfberry tea in tartary buckwheat tea, which is good for kidney deficiency.

3, black buckwheat tea + green tea: add buckwheat tea in bubble green tea, refreshing effect

4, black buckwheat tea + Plum flower: In the bitter wolfberry tea, add waxy plum, beneficial to chronic pharyngitis, hoarse voice.

5, black buckwheat tea + Ganoderma lucidum: in buckwheat tea plus bubble Ganoderma lucidum, can more effectively improve immunity

6, black buckwheat tea + safflower: In buckwheat tea plus saffron, more conducive to blood circulation.

7. Black buckwheat tea + lemon: Adding lemon in buckwheat tea helps treat constipation.


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