Summer pig raising "five must"

The critical temperature for heat stress in pigs is 32°C-34°C. When the temperature in the pighouse continuously reaches or exceeds the critical temperature for 2-3 days, the pigs will obviously not adapt. Specific performance: pig loss of appetite, elevated body temperature, lack of energy, boar loss of libido, empty sows do not have heat or estrus, pregnancy sows high mortality of sows, labor sows in the case of excessive temperatures may die.

The ventilation of the pig house must be strengthened. Generally speaking, the east-west building can make full use of the airflow of the front and rear windows to reduce the temperature in the pig house. Smaller windows can make the windows larger. Conditionally installable fans, which promote air circulation when temperatures are too high.

Shading measures must be taken to grow a certain amount of trees around the pig house, in addition to playing a role in afforestation, it can also play a role in shading. In addition, the construction of a pergola beside the pig house can reduce the temperature of the ground near the pig house.

It must be ensured that there is a large demand for water from pigs in summer. Therefore, pigs should be fed with dilute food and they should be fed together to prevent feed from becoming contaminated. At the same time, clean water must be provided in the sink. Spraying some water around the pig house regularly can play a certain role in cooling. Avoid pouring cool water directly on the pig to cool down and prevent the pig from catching a cold.

It is necessary to strengthen the feeding and management to adjust the feeding time reasonably and feed it best at night. In general, it is better to use 4-5 o'clock in the morning and 8-9 o'clock in the evening, and try to avoid feeding at noon. However, the regulation of feeding time should be gradual and gradual, with the temperature changes gradually adjusted, can not be suddenly changed; sub-pig transfer or sale, should be arranged in the early and late temperatures are relatively low, when the weather is cool; appropriate adjustment of sow delivery time, Try to avoid giving birth in the season when the temperature is high; try not to use too much cold water to rush around the sow's production house to prevent excessive humidity. The feces on the bed should be wiped with a rag with a disinfectant solution; reduce the rearing density and reduce The ratio is 1/4 to 1/3; to keep the pens clean, clean the excrement at least 2-3 times a day, 3-4 times a month, and eliminate mosquitoes and flies.

Must properly adjust the feed formula Each ton of full-price feed can add baking soda 2-3 kilograms, vitamin C150-200 grams and vitamin E80-100 grams; feeding sows can add edible oil 5-8 kilograms per ton, and Appropriately increase crude protein content.

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