Take comprehensive measures to prevent melon from cracking melons

When the melon has a fist size, the umbilicus often appears cracking symptoms, the rip is radial, after which the wound flows out of a red-brown gel. In addition to the variety related to melon fissure melon, but also related to the cultivation and management. Large changes in wet and dry, uneven droughts and floods; lack of boron to cork wood or rough cracking; after sitting in the melon after the application of large concentrations; the risk of bacterial blight, etc., will lead to crack melon melon. In view of the above-mentioned reasons that may induce melon cracking, comprehensive prevention measures should be taken in production. (1) Timely watering after ordering the melon, the soil can not be dry and damp, can not let the wind overemphasize, prevent the humidity in the greenhouse from changing too quickly. (2) Strictly control the concentration of hormones, spray according to greenhouse temperature, melon varieties and plant growth, and do not increase the dosage arbitrarily. (3) To grow melon on the land deficient in boron, one kilogram of borax can be applied per acre in the base fertilizer, or boron fertilizer can be sprayed for two to three times. (4) Timely control of bacterial blight, can be sprayed with 70% mancozeb WP or 50% thiophanate-methyl WP 500 times.

1.The layout of the functional modules of the equipment is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the appearance is beautiful;

2.Feeding and conveying, pressing, cutting, and discharging are completed in one line, which improves cutting quality and production efficiency, greatly reduces labor costs, and improves working conditions;

3.Frozen Meating Cutting MachineThe feeding conveyor belt adopts high-quality materials and a reasonable surface anti-skid structure, which is wear-resistant, non-slip, and reliable in positioning; the feeding belt component is a quick-install structure to ensure that the belt is replaced and cleaned quickly and conveniently;

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