The best top-dressing period for corn, rice and other crops

1. Corn. After the jointing of the corn to the big bell-mouth period, it is the peak period of absorbing nutrients. Generally, the first fertilizer can be applied before and after the jointing. Each kilogram can be topped with 15 kilograms of ammonium nitrate and 8 kilograms of urea; 7 to 10 days before tasselling, The second fertilizer should be applied, and another 15 kg of ammonium nitrate or 5 kg of urea can be used per mu. If the base fertilizer and seed fertilizer are more abundant and the soil is very fertile, you can concentrate on topdressing once, and use the second spade for deep fertilization.

2. Rice. The absorption of nitrogen fertilizer by rice began to increase gradually after returning green, and reached the highest peak of fertilizer absorption during the peak period of tillering. In order to promote the early emergence of rice, early delivery, should be applied early and re-appropriate manure. Generally after 7 to 10 days after transplanting, 15 kg of ammonium sulfate is applied per mu, and 6 kg of urea is applied again when heading.

3. Soybeans. Soybean is a crop that requires more nitrogen fertilizer. Usually, it applies topdressing nitrogen fertilizer at the initial flowering stage of soybeans, which can reduce the rate of falling flowers and plants, and can prolong the life span of plants, increase grain weight and increase yield. Generally, 15 to 15 kg of ammonium nitrate or 8 to 12 kg of urea can be applied per acre; during the period of soybean crusting, extra-root dressing can be conducted once, and the effect of increasing production is more obvious.

4. Sunflower. In addition to applying basic fertilizer to planting sunflowers, it is also necessary to top-dress fertilizers. Generally during the budding stage, topdressing is performed with 15 kg of ammonium nitrate or 12 kg of urea per acre. Conditional farmers can also perform extra-root dressing in the flowering period.

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