The characteristics and application of ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate

Characteristics of Ammonium Nitrate The chemical formula of ammonium nitrate: NH4NO3, containing 33% to 34% of nitrogen (N), including half of the two forms of ammonium and nitric acid, since ammonium or nitrate nitrogen can be directly absorbed by the crop root system. In order to meet the nutrient requirements of crops, it has the advantage of dual nitrogen sources, so it is widely favored by crops, especially fruits, vegetables, tobacco and other cash crops in dryland crops. The direction of ammonium nitrate applied to soil is more complicated. The two forms of nitrogen are different. Ammonium nitrogen is positively charged and can be held in soil by negatively charged soil particles. However, the other half-nitride nitrogen carries a negative charge and cannot be held by the soil colloidal particles (also negatively charged). It is in the free state in the soil and moves with the water and may be washed up to the root layer and wasted. Therefore, special care should be taken when applying the fertilizer. Generally, top dressing is applied during the vigorous growth of the crop, and a small amount is applied multiple times.
The second feature of ammonium nitrate is its strong water solubility and fast fertilizer efficiency. It is not only soluble in water, but also easily soluble in non-aqueous solvents. It is also very soluble in liquid ammonia and dissolves quickly. This highly soluble nature makes it a major component of liquid nitrogen fertilizers such as nitrogen solutions.
The commercial characteristics of ammonium nitrate are outstanding. It is a nitrogen fertilizer with strong hygroscopicity, caking and flammability. Due to strong hygroscopicity, agglomeration after hygroscopicity, deterioration, improper management during storage can cause fire or explosion. Therefore, ammonium nitrate products are also a type of explosive raw material. These characteristics not only cause great difficulties for agricultural use, but also cause fire or explosion during storage and transportation. So over the years, developers have focused on improving their performance, and there have been several new products with modified ammonium nitrate on the market. Ammonium sulfate is a typical example.
The composition and characteristics of ammonium sulfate nitrate and the chemical formula of ammonium sulfate nitrate are (NH4)2SO4+NH4NO3, which is obtained by melting ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate in a certain proportion and melting. Generally light yellow or gray yellow particles, soluble in water, no precipitation.
Ammonium nitrate ammonium sulfate is mainly characterized by low hygroscopicity, stable chemical properties, low tendency to agglomerate, and safe storage and transportation. Suitable for agricultural applications, containing 1/4 of nitrate nitrogen, 3/4 of ammonium nitrogen. Ammonium sulfate nitrate does not form obvious acidity in the soil, and it is close to physiological neutral fertilizer. However, ammonium sulfate alone can form strong acid in the soil and is a physiological acid fertilizer. Suitable for a variety of soils, can be bulk blended or applied directly. The commercial properties of fertilizers are significantly better than that of ammonium nitrates, such as easy flow of particles, no dust, easy storage and application, low hygroscopicity, low tendency to agglomerate, and non-explosive and flammable.
The composition of ammonium sulfate is different between products produced by different companies. For example, the United States and Germany are not the same.
In terms of application, there are nitrogen and sulfur in the ammonium nitrate, especially suitable for nitrogen, sulfur, all kinds of crops including cruciferous and onion and garlic, etc. Generally, it can be applied topically by topdressing, and it can also be used for irrigation. Soil fertilization is suitable for top dressing application, and is not suitable for basal fertilizer application. Sulfur ammonium nitrate has the effect of increasing the nitrogen uptake rate and the nitrogen fertilization rate of sulfur compared with pure nitrogen fertilizer. The application method is similar to that of ammonium sulfate, and the fertilizer effect is faster than ammonium sulfate. The application rate can be about 5 to 10 kilograms per mu. Do not mix it with alkaline fertilizers to avoid loss of nitrogen and reduce fertilizer efficiency. In the application of ammonium nitrate to acidic soils, a small amount of lime should be used in combination with the application of the two separately, separated by 3 to 5 days. Sulfuric ammonium nitrate has good water solubility and is suitable for fertigation, fertilization and spraying in addition to soil application.

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