Tips to reduce tire wear

The method of driving a car has a lot to do with tire wear. A good and skilled driving technology can effectively reduce tire wear, extend the service life of the tire, and improve driving safety. Here are some tips for reducing tire wear:

First, do not start too fast, so as to avoid tire and ground drag accelerated tread wear; Second, the vehicle downhill, should be based on the size of the slope, length and road conditions, control the appropriate speed, so you can avoid or less use of emergency braking , Reduce tire wear; Third, the vehicle turning should be based on the curved road conditions, turning radius, generally appropriate deceleration, so as to avoid the role of inertial force and centrifugal force, to accelerate the unilateral tire wear; Fourth, in the ups and downs of the road, one to Choose the road surface, reduce the impact between the tire and the road surface, avoid the damage of the machine parts and the tires, and secondly, slow down and avoid the bumpy and violent vibration of the tire; 5. At the turning of the car, overtaking, passing the intersection, narrow road, railway crossing, etc. At the site, it is necessary to grasp the appropriate speed and pay attention to the dynamics of roads, pedestrians, and vehicles, to prepare for braking, to reduce frequent braking, to avoid emergency braking, and to reduce tire wear; 6. When driving in the highway maintenance construction area, apply Slowly choose the way to choose the road to avoid excessive impact on the tire, or even be stabbed or scratched; In the area, you should choose a more solid, non-skid place to avoid tires subsidence, idling in place, and severe heat generation, resulting in severe cuts and scratches on the tires and the sidewalls. VIII. Vehicles parking on the way and stopping at the station should be Develop a habit of safe gliding; Nine, parking vehicles should be selected flat, clean, oil-free ground parking, to avoid contact with oil tires or tires on the tire oil.

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