Tomatoes should not be seeded several times

Tomato seedlings suitable for 1 to 2 times, 1 more common. This is because the more the number of seedlings is divided, the heavier the damage to the root system will be, and it will cause premature root ageing. At the same time, due to excessive number of seedlings, seedling growth is inhibited due to insufficient nutrient supply. When the seedling growth is inhibited for too long, it will form an aging seedling. In addition, practice has shown that when the seedlings are seeded once per minute, the time for raising the seedlings must be prolonged by 5 to 8 days. When the environmental conditions are not suitable, the extension time is longer.

There are too many sub-seedlings and it is also easy to cause other damage to tomato seedlings. For example, seedlings are vulnerable to starvation during seedling division; seedlings in the flower bud differentiation period will have adverse effects on flower bud differentiation.

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