Ways to keep broilers healthy

The hot summer weather is likely to cause strong stress on the flock, resulting in decreased feed intake, slower weight gain, poorer resistance, and increased mortality. What should you watch out for in summer broiler farming?
In order to improve the production of broilers in summer, in addition to adopting comprehensive management measures such as adjusting the structure of diets, changing feeding methods, improving the hygiene of chicken coops, and strengthening prevention and control of epidemics, lowering the temperature in the broiler houses is also the basis and key for broiler breeding. Good chicken house cooling measures can provide a comfortable growth environment for broilers, increase feed intake and feed conversion rate of broilers, and accelerate the growth of broilers. It can also increase the resistance of broilers, reduce the occurrence of epidemics, and reduce breeding losses.
Ventilation and temperature reduction Before the temperature rises in the morning, close the doors and windows of the chicken house, open the doors and windows after the night temperature drops, exchange the air inside and outside the house, and improve the air quality in the house; install a ceiling fan in the house and use the electric fan to reduce the air flow in the house.
Shading and Cooling When constructing a chicken house, two rows of poplars are planted on each side of the house. The tree is about 1.5 meters away from the house, and the row spacing is 3 meters. After the poplars become forest, the luxuriant poplar trees can shade the house. The internal temperature can be reduced by 3 to 8°C, and the small environment around the house can be improved. Plants such as creepers and sponge gourds can also be planted. Generally, the temperature in the house can be lowered by 2 to 3°C. Shade nets can also be used to cool the sunshade. The sunshade nets must be more than 50cm above the roof of the chicken house. The bamboo nets and wooden poles should be used to support the sunshade nets to prevent windshields and rain from damaging the shade nets.
The water curtain is cooled. Set the water curtain at the air inlet to allow the hot air to cool before entering the chicken house. The lower end of the water curtain must not be lower than the height of the chicken bed, and it can be slightly narrower than the width of the house. The other end of the house is equipped with an exhaust fan. When using a water curtain, it should generally be opened before the outside temperature rises, and closed after cooling in the afternoon. Generally, the temperature can be reduced by 3 to 6°C.
The temperature of the hose is reduced by using a plastic hose for drought resistance on a broiler bed and spread in an “S” shape in the direction of the shed. The distance between the hoses is determined based on the width of the chicken bed and the rearing density of the broilers. Generally, the distance between two water belts should be more than 70 cm. When the temperature of the chicken house exceeds the growth temperature of broilers, it begins to fill the water zone with groundwater. The higher the temperature, the greater the amount of water in the water zone and the faster the flow of groundwater in the zone. When the temperature in the house is high, the broilers are close to the hose and can save money. Generally can reduce the temperature around 10 °C, but also keep the house dry.
Broiler farmers can use one or several cooling measures to increase the survival rate of broilers in the summer based on the broiler age, breeding density, housing environment, and existing conditions, while reducing investment and reducing costs.

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