Weather Drought Prevents Corn Dwarf Virus Disease Early

With the wheat harvest approaching, corn planting has begun one after another. Judging from the dry and dry weather this year, corn roughage virus disease may have occurred more seriously this year, reminding everyone to take precautions as soon as possible. The corn rough dwarf disease can be infected in the whole growth period. It is most severe in the seedling stage. It begins to show symptoms when it is 5 to 6 leaves. In the early stage of the disease, transparent oil immersed chlorotic dashed lines appear at the base of the heart and at both sides of the midrib. , gradually expand the entire blade. The diseased seedlings are dark green, the leaves are stiff, the heart and the leaf cannot be properly expanded, the growth of the diseased plants is slow, waxy white uplifting stripes appear on the veins on the back of the dwarfing leaves, and the waxy white strips on the leaf veins of the dorsal, leaf sheath, and temporal lobe have different thicknesses. Prominence, there is a clear sense of roughness. From the 9th to the 10th leaf stage, the dwarfing phenomenon of the diseased plants was even more pronounced. The diseased plants were less than half the height of the strong plants, and most of them were not able to produce heading and fruiting. Although some tassels could be extracted, they did not have pollen and were severe when they were severe. The main focus of the prevention of corn roughage virus disease at seedling stage, the main method is to cut off the source of disease, increase plant resistance to disease. The corn roughage virus is mainly wintered in wheat, grass weeds and slough. In order to prevent the occurrence of viral diseases, it is very important to cut down the transmission media. First, remove weeds in time and reduce the pathogens of the virus. The second is to pay attention to the prevention and control of planthoppers. In the 3-4 leaf stage of corn, it can be sprayed on the field and around the plots to control SBPH. You can use 3% acetamiprid 1500 times mixed 10% imidacloprid 2000 times, spray once every 5 days, even spray 2-3 times. Corn seedlings should be strengthened with field management, early-onset seedling promotion, and time seedlings, and early removal of susceptible plants should be noted. At the same time timely watering, prevention of drought aggravate the occurrence of viral disease. When the corn grows to 5-6 leaves, it can be mixed with 8% ningnanmycin 800 times plus hydrochloric acid hydrazine copper 500 times sprayed 2-3 times.

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