What issues should be paid attention to when planting litchi in different seasons?

Litchi spring planting and autumn planting are all better, but they are all required to be carried out after the shoot is mature. If the seedlings are dug with seedlings, it can be planted all year round, but the temperature in winter is low, and the growth of litchi seedlings after planting is slow. Therefore, planting mainly in spring, summer and autumn is the main method. (1) Spring planting. Generally during the period from February to the Ching Ming period, when there is sufficient rainwater and a mild climate, watering can be avoided after planting, labor is saved, Litchi root activity and budding shoots are also beneficial, and the survival rate after planting is high, especially suitable for relatively dry or water sources. Little mountain planting. (2) Xia Zhi. In summer, the temperature is high and the rainfall is abundant. Litchi sprouts shoot quickly. However, the temperature is high, the sunlight is strong, and the water has a large amount of kernels. No lifting and planting should be carried out at noon. After planting, the tree pots should be covered with coverings.

(3) Autumn plant. It will be conducted from September to October. At this time, the weather turns cold, but the temperature is still suitable for the sprouting and rooting of litchi. After planting, it can send 1 new root and 1 new shoot. However, in southern China, it is often the case of autumn drought, and it is necessary to pay attention to timely watering to ensure rapid recovery of litchi seedlings. In areas where there are few water sources, it is not appropriate to plant plants because the season is too late. After the planting, the litchi plantlets cannot be rooted for the winter and affect their survival.

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