Winter and spring pigs attention moisture dehumidification

The “low temperature and high humidity” in winter and spring pighouses is a taboo for raising pigs and is an important obstacle to pig production in winter and spring. Therefore, in the cold and humid season, feeding and management should be strengthened, and effective measures must be taken to control the humidity of the pig house while effectively preventing freezing and warming.

To create a high-drying environment, pighouses should be built on the terrain of high dryness, facing south to the south, which is conducive to drainage, windproof and heat preservation; the pigskin ground should be higher than the surface, and moisture-proof materials should be selected to make the ground dry and not return to the tide; And often dredge the ditch around the perimeter of the dwelling, so that there is no water at all, and the rain stops dry.

Strengthen the management of heat preservation pig house low temperature is the accomplice of wet damage, is not conducive to the normal growth of pigs. If there is a thieves wind in the pig house, the ground water will be frozen and frozen, which will not only cause frostbite but also cause diseases. Therefore, after the winter, it is necessary to repair the shed as soon as possible to plug the hole to prevent the cold wind from invading.

Doing well in ventilating and ventilation The effective method for dehumidifying and removing dampness in a piggery is ventilation, that is, ventilation and air exchange. On the one hand, it takes away the damp gas in the house and blows dry the ground. On the other hand, it removes dirty air and exchanges fresh air. However, the winter and spring temperatures are low, we must pay attention to solve the contradiction between ventilation and insulation, control the ventilation volume, the wind speed should not exceed 0.1 to 0.2 meters per second, and do a good job in the warming before and after ventilation, and strive to make the period of ventilation The temperature is less than 5°C and returns to normal in the short term.

Timely removal of fecal urine Excretion of fecal urine is an important cause of high humidity and poor air quality in pig houses. Therefore, swine feces and urine should be promptly swept to ensure that the bar is dry and dry. It is advisable for pigs to develop habits of regular defecation outside the house in order to effectively control and reduce the humidity inside the house.

Feeding warm material for mat grass in winter and spring to select dry, warm feed to feed the pig, after drinking, let the pig drink the water of the automatic drinker, which also has the effect of reducing the humidity inside the house and the ground. At the same time pay attention to changing mat grass, mat grass absorbent, easy to absorb the excrement of water and contaminated by excrement. Generally every two or three days for a clean mat grass, by replacing the mat grass at any time to take away water and dirt, so that the mat grass is often kept dry and sanitary, so as to achieve the purpose of dehumidification and warmth.

Reducing the rearing density Pigs are intensively reared, which is conducive to insulation in the house. In turn, the density is too high and the humidity in the house is increased. Therefore, after entering the winter, we should take into account the relationship between heat preservation and dehumidification, and maintain a reasonable stocking density. Generally, each finishing pig accounted for 0.8 square meters in the winter.

Supplementary moisture absorption and winter-spring pigs like warm and dry, afraid of cold and wet. Excessive humidity is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, pigs are susceptible to diarrhea, enteritis, coccidiosis and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to take supplementary measures, such as the frequent use of vegetation ash, coal ash slag, quicklime, charcoal, etc., to timely absorb surface moisture, absorb odor in the air, kill bacteria, and inhibit the growth of various germs.

Early prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, piglets, gastroenteritis, etc. will also increase the humidity of the ground and air pollution. Should grasp the susceptibility phase of pig gastroenterology, do a good job of early medication prevention, so that it is less or no incidence, in order to control the ground moisture and air pollution caused by this, optimize the small environment.

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