Winter and spring sheep must guard against sheep disease

Sheeppox disease is an acutely hot contagious disease of sheep and goats caused by the goat pox virus. Occurs and prevails mainly in the late winter and early spring. The main features are the occurrence of specific rashes and herpes on the skin and mucous membranes. The sick sheep have fever and high mortality rate. The disease is endemic in most areas of sheep and goat production. In addition to the high mortality rate of this disease, it will also result in miscarriage of the pregnant ewes and the loss of productive capacity of most diseased sheep after the disease, which will cause great damage to the sheep industry. Some prevention and treatment measures for this disease are briefly described below and are for reference only.

1 Popular features

The goat pox virus is mainly found in the skin, mucous membrane papules, pustules, ecchymosis, and nasal mucosal secretions of diseased sheep. When the body temperature of the diseased sheep increases, there is a large amount of virus in the blood. The diseased sheep is the source of infection. It is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract through infected air. It can also invade the body through damaged skin or mucous membranes. Feeding management personnel, nursing tools, fur products, feed, bedding, and ectoparasites are all vectors; sheep medium-wool sheep are more susceptible to infection than rough sheep or native sheep, and their condition is severe; lambs are more sensitive than sheep and have a high mortality. Cold weather, rainy season, frost, subtilis, and feeding and management factors all contribute to the onset and aggravation of the disease.

2 symptoms

The incubation period of this disease is 4 to 12 days with an average of 6 to 8 days.

2.1 Sheep temperature increased 41-42°C, conjunctival eyelid swelling, respiratory and pulse acceleration, nasal mucus outflow, loss of appetite, bow standing back, 1 to 2 days after the pox, pox rash more than skin without hair or less At the hairy area, erythema first appeared, and then it became pimples and then gradually formed blisters. Finally, it became pustules. After the pustules broke, if there was no secondary infection, they gradually became dry and formed moltings and recovered after 2 to 3 weeks. Poxles that occur in the tongue and gums often form ulcers. Some of the pharynx, bronchus, lungs, and psoriasis on the anterior or true gastric mucosa, the sick sheep died of sepsis due to secondary bacterial or viral infections. Some diseased sheep see the internal hemorrhage of acne rash, and it is black pox: There are cases of purulent purulent and gangrene, the formation of deep ulcers, stench, often malignant, mortality is as high as 20% to 50%.

2.2 The average period of goat pox latent period is 6 to 7 days. The diseased sheep fever, body temperature rises to 40-42°C, lack of energy, loss of appetite or lack of appetite. In the roots of the tail, breast, labia, the anus around the tail, the scrotum and the inside of the limbs are Poxles can occur, sometimes in the hairy plexus of the head, abdomen and back. The size of the pox ranges from round red nodules to papules, rapidly forming blisters, pustules and scabs, for 3 to 4 weeks. Scabs fall off.

3 Preventive measures

3.1 It is necessary to do a good job of feeding and managing the sheep in peacetime. The sheep pen should be cleaned regularly and kept dry and clean.

3.2 to strengthen the feeding and management, do a good job in autumn, especially in the winter and spring season to properly feed, do a good job of cold and warm work, can reduce the incidence.

3.3 In areas where goatpox frequently occurs, vaccination of chicken embryos with sheep vaccination is carried out on an annual basis. Each sheep is injected subcutaneously 0.5 mL at the tail or inside the thigh, and immunity is generated 4 to 6 days after injection. The immunization period is one year. The goat pox attenuated vaccine can be used for the prevention of goats and sheep. Subcutaneous inoculation of 0.5 to 1 mL is safe and effective. The immunization period is one year.

3.4 When the disease has already occurred in the sheep, isolate the diseased sheep and disinfect the sheep house, site, and utensils immediately. Vaccine can be used to inoculate the sheep that are not affected or adjacent to the threatened sheep.

4 treatment

Once the flock is onset, the following drugs can be used to treat the diseased sheep, which has good results.

4.1 Application Healing Serum treatment sheep each with 10 ~ 20mL, young sheep 5 ~ 10mL, a subcutaneous injection, used in conjunction for several days.

4.2 Wash the blemish area with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution and then wipe it with iodine glycerin or Yunnanbaiyao plus propolis alcohol mixture, 2 or 3 times a day for several days.

4.3 Musk alcohol solution Musk soluble in alcohol to make it a 0.1% solution, can be slightly warm after dissolution, you can use, each time the sheep subcutaneous injection of the liquid 1mL, once a day, generally with 1 ~ 2 times, it will work.

4.4 Yunnan Baiyao honey therapy Yunnanbaiyao powder 2 ~ 6g, plus honey 100g, warm water boiled, twice daily, once every 3d.

4.5 Traditional Chinese medicine therapy: take 50g of Coptis chinensis, shoot dry, 25g each of Bupleurum chinense, Shanzhizi, and Digupi, add 10kg of water, and pour 3.5kg of liquid medicine, then use the filter paper filtrate, and then use it. Ten sheep each time 10mL, sheep 5 ~ 7mL, lamb 3 ~ 5mL, once a subcutaneous injection of diseased sheep, twice daily, once every 2 to 3 times, there are good results.

4.6 In order to prevent secondary infection and septicemia, antibiotics or sulfa drugs may be used in the treatment of secondary infection and sepsis, or astragalus polysaccharide injection may be used for intramuscular injection. The curative effect is quite good. For serious cases, intravenous infusion should be given for cardiac diuretic detoxification to prevent the death of diseased sheep caused by poisoning shock, which has a good effect.

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