Wuxi Field Cultivation Management Technology

1. The site selection site chooses sunny, fertile, deep, well-drained, moist, neutral or acidic soils.

2. Propagation methods (1) Seed propagation Seeds are planted in late autumn or early spring. Seeds are sowed at intervals of 20-25 cm. 20-30 seeds are planted per l00 cm. Covering soil is 2-3 cm. In order to promote germination, seeds should be soaked in plant ash for 24 h before sowing for dewaxing.

The sowing rate is about 150kg per hectare. When planting in spring, sprouting occurs 20-30 days after sowing.

(2) Grafting and breeding In order to maintain fine varieties and early seeding, grafting can be used. The seedlings are used as rootstocks, branches are connected (cutting, belly-jointing, bag-jointing) or budding, and the survival rate can reach 90%. Planted in the spring, if the seedlings are large, the soil ball should be taken.

3. Field management after seedling seedlings in batches, the last 8 to 10 seedlings per l00cm, top dressing, weeding and other appropriate management, 1-year-old seedlings can grow to 60-l00cm, the second year of early spring can be transplanted and planted. When raising the seedlings, dig 40-50cm deep and pay attention to protecting the main roots. The seedling spacing of the vigorously growing seedlings is preferably 300 cm×250 cm. After planting, pay attention to watering, management, and forestry within 3-4 years.

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