Yacon mulching and seedling transplanting techniques

First, the plastic film covering technology must first apply enough base fertilizer to water well, according to a row spacing of 85 to 100 cm, with a small four-wheel tractor with a 1.2 to 1.3 meter ramming machine, scraping soil and smashing, starting from a height of 20 to 25 cm. Then manually tidy up and make the pipa fish ridge shape. You can also scrape the soil manually. After the land is well-grounded, the time for covering the plastic film shall be 10 days before the early frost-free period in the local area. The warm head cold tail and the windless weather shall be selected to cover the 70-80 cm wide mulch. If intercropping watermelons, melons, etc. in early spring, it can cover 1.2 to 1.3 meters wide mulch. After covering the mulch, seed the yam fruit by hole spacing 45 to 60 cm or dig holes to plant yam seedlings. Carefully cover the membrane holes with soil. It is also possible to cover the mulch after the first broadcast so that the moisturizing effect is better.

Second, nursery transplanting technology 45 days in advance transplanting time seedlings. (a) Nutrition nursery. Prepare nutritious soil first, choose rich and disease-free two-spot soil plus a small amount of fully decomposed farmyard manure, and use humidity to hold it in groups and place it on the ground. Then put it in the nutrient bowl and sow the seeds. Bacteria bactericidal). After sowing, cover the buds with eyes and spray with a sprayer. The temperature is controlled at about 25°C, and the germination and emergence will generally take about 10 days. 10 days before transplanting, the seedlings were released into the wind and transplanted to Daejeon after the frost-free period. (b) Incubation of seedlings. First prepare plastic film, bamboo, grasshoppers, etc., and then dig the seedbed. Calculated according to the planted area, generally mus planted 1500, 30 square meters seedbed can be. The seedbed is 2 to 3 meters wide, the length of which depends on the number of seedlings, and the bed soil is the same as the above-mentioned nutritious soil. After sowing, put a bamboo strip on it to cover the plastic film and straw. However, Grassland has to cover the cover early to facilitate absorption and warming. Hotbed cultivation, yacon sprouted later, but the seedlings were strong but not prosperous. 10 days before transplanting, the wind also needs to be tempered. No matter whether it is nutrition seedlings or nursery seedlings, it is best to cover them with mulch after transplanting into the field. It is also possible to cover the seedlings after the mulching. After planting seedlings, timely watering the cover soil, point watering or pouring water, avoid bountiful irrigation.

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