Zhongyan 958 tomato cultivation technology

Zhongyan 958 tomato cultivation technology

This breed is the latest generation of indefinite growth hybrids selected and bred by the Vegetable Research Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Both parents were introduced by Israel. Through comparative experiments in the greenhouse area, this breed will be a significant successor to the gold sheds and the bulls, which will significantly overcome their growth potential. Weak, small fruit, overwinter cultivation of deformed fruit, and the shortcomings of premature aging, and four generations of revolutionary breakthrough powder combination. The breeding and promotion of this variety will have the significance of leading the new generation of popular tomato varieties in the history of tomato cultivation.

First, characteristics
1, strong growth potential. Infinite growth type, can stand fruit up to 8-10 spikes. The stalks are thick, the roots are well developed, the leaves are larger, the sag is good, and the photosynthetic efficiency is high.
2. Fruit horticultural traits (hardness, color, smoothness, fruit type) are superior to the current domestic popular powdered varieties.
3, low temperature and high temperature resistance. At the lower and higher temperatures, the rate of fruit set is high, and there are basically no deformity and fruit cracking. The fruit has good enlargement, and the flowers are good. The fruit umbilicus is small and there is no big flower bud.
4, good commercial and storage. The fruit is nearly smooth and uniform in size. The ripe fruit is bright and pink. There is no green shoulder, and the fruit surface is smooth. The fruit shoulder is basically no groove or slightly shallow groove. The appearance is beautiful, and the taste is good. The fruit weight is about 300g; the skin is thick and hard. Long shelf life, especially suitable for greenhouse cultivation and open field cultivation, storage and transportation, suitable for long-distance transportation and cultivation of vegetable bases.
5, comprehensive resistance is good. High resistance to leaf mold, immune to most physiological races of leaf mold, high resistance to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), middle resistance to cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), resistant to early and late blight, umbilical rot, root knot nematode , gray mold, etc. are not easy to produce rot.

Second, the cultivation points compared with other varieties, China Research 958 should pay attention to the following points in the cultivation:
1. If there is a small amount of dwarf seedlings on the production, it can be cleared when it is planted. If it has been planted and produced, the dwarf seedlings can be double-stranded and pruned, and the side branches can be repeatedly produced. (Dwarf pods are still powdered, large fruit varieties, each 10 fruit, about 250 grams).
2, seedling management:
1 The preparation of nursery soil is based on decomposed organic fertilizer, and appropriate amount of ternary compound fertilizer and fungicide are added;
(2) Winter seedlings in winter and spring in the north must be soaked and germinated, and then sown after 30% of the seed is whitened;
3 Because this variety grows vigorously, seedling temperature, moisture should not be too large, to prevent seedlings from prosperous, general daytime optimum temperature 20-25 °C, night temperature 12-15 °C, the night temperature to avoid below 12 °C, can not be high At 15°C, the moisture is dry and wet, and generally no top dressing is needed.
4 strong seedlings standard: stem thick section short, large and thick leaves, 7-8 leaves with large buds.
3. Appropriately sparsely planted: China Research Institute 958 grows very prosperously, density is reasonable at the time of planting, 6-8 spikes for winter and spring protection, 2800 per acre planting, 4-5 spikes topping, 3,000 per mu planting; Colonization of about 3500 strains.
4, fertilizer and water management:
1 Applying base fertilizer before planting: Mainly organic fertilizer, ie 5000kg per mu (chicken excrement 10), supplemented with appropriate ternary compound fertilizer 50kg/mu or urea 25kg, superphosphate 100kg/mu, potash 30kg/ mu.
2 Timely cultivating water control seedlings after planting, water should be controlled before fruit set. Fertilizer control mash, when the first spike fruit grows to 50 grams, the first time to start fertilizer, each time after the size of walnut fruit fertilizer top dressing once. Top-dressing is mainly composed of compound fertilizer, and appropriate increase of active calcium fertilizer and a small amount of trace element fertilizer such as boron, magnesium, etc., and from less to more gradually fertilizer.
5, temperature management:

Zhongyan 958 seedling temperature optimum during the day 20-25 °C, night temperature 12-15 °C, to avoid long-term lower than 12 °C, affecting flower bud differentiation; flowering fruit set during the daytime 25-28 °C, night 15-17 °C; results during the day 24 -28°C, nighttime 16-18°C, floor temperature 17-20°C. When the temperature is too high, increase the ventilation, prolong the release time, the temperature must not exceed 32 °C, night ventilation outside the greenhouse when the night temperature is not less than 15 °C. Pay attention to clean the shed, improve lighting conditions, and see scattered light on cloudy days.
6, preserved fruit. It is recommended to use the 2,4-D pedicel method to obtain the best flowering effect, and the medium concentration is lower. If the scented method is used, the 2,4-D concentration of the liquid medicine is required to be lower, otherwise, it is easy to cause "spike". Timely fruit thinning, the first ear fruit left 3 or so, and then you can choose to leave 4 per ear fruit.
7, timely harvest. In the period of fruit coloration, timely harvesting should be carried out from turning blue and white to turning red to avoid cracking caused by fluctuant environmental moisture.

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