Green feed for fish farming should be "six to do"

One. Selected green feed varieties. At present, the most common fine green feeds are ryegrass, sudan grass, elephant grass, pine cone herb and duckweed. Different green feed has different nutritional value. In the different growth stages of fish, different fine green fodder should be selected.

How to raise black chicken

Black Phoenix chicken, also known as black chicken, black silk hair chicken. Black phoenix chicken is better meat than white silk mulberry chicken and contains more melanin. Experts in the modern industry pointed out that the black phoenix chicken is a treasure of medical Wuji which is use

Anti-drought Cultivation Techniques of 13 Crops in Guangxi

I. Rice

(1) Select drought-tolerant rice varieties. Generally, upland rice is more drought-tolerant than common rice varieties. Large- and small-stemmed rice cultivars are more resistant to drought than drought-resistant varieties; hybrids are more resistant than conventional ones

Prudent use of herbicides

In recent years, peasant friends generally use phytotoxic herbicides when weeding in orchards and eliminating weeds in the field. Especially in some chestnut producing areas, due to the large size of the chestnut garden, the task of eliminating weeds is heavy, and people use the herbicides for

Trimming Technology of Citrus Fruit after Freezing

1. After germination, clear the boundary between life and death, cut off dead branches, and pay attention to wound protection. Generally stable at temperatures above 10C, can be cut early in time.
2. The pruning after freezing injury should be light, and the branches that are not dead sho

There are ways to increase the number of counterfeit compound fertilizers

Compound fertilizer is one of the main fertilizer varieties used by farmers' friends. It is made of physical processing, and there are at least two kinds of fertilizers in the three nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Because compound fertilizers can be fertilized according to

Ginger is the key to high-yield fertilization

During the whole life of ginger, the requirements for nutrients vary from period to period. The requirements for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the seedling period are not large, and the absorption of phosphorus increases slowly after entering the long-term, and the demand for nitrogen

Processing and utilization of watermelon rind

Watermelon is a hot summer fruit, everyone likes, sales. However, 30% to 40% of the rind remains after eating, and most of them are thrown into the trash and become waste. In fact, watermelon rind contains a lot of nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein, which can be processed and used in

Use caution when using pesticides

The first is that Bianbai is more sensitive to copper preparations and does not promote its use or caution. Second, it emphasizes joint prevention and treatment of diseases, especially rust prevention, to prevent cross-repeated infections to improve control effectiveness. Third, when pests and

Safety valve selection principle

1. Steam boiler safety valve, generally open open full spring safety valve;

2. Safety valve for liquid medium, generally use micro-open spring safety valve;

3. For safety valves for air