Types and selection of liquid chromatography column packing

In modern high performance liquid chromatography, the separation effect depends largely on the choice of chromatographic packing. However, the choice of chromatographic packing is very wide. To make a suitable choice, we must fir

Application of barrier testing in dairy packaging

Abstract: Based on the main quality influencing factors in the preservation of dairy products and dairy products, this paper introduces the application of barrier testing in dairy packaging, and discusses the relationship between

The role of the rice noodle machine

The rice noodle is a special flavor snack with high nutrition, good taste and good taste introduced from Yunnan. It has been loved by people all over the country and has spread to overseas.

How to choose the micro water pump

Now there are many micro-pumping machines, micro-pumps, micro-vacuum pumps, how to choose, the main parameters are "flow", "pressure" or "lift", whether you need self-priming and so on.
When sel