How fish ponds are severe winter

Fish management, clear pond. After the autumn, all the fish will be transferred out of stocking, and the original pond will be disinfected with 125kg to 150kg of lime per acre. 5 days to 7 days after the clear pond, Mushi fully fermented pigs, cow dung 500 kg to 750 kg or large manure 100 kg

Clever use of baking soda to feed livestock and poultry

Baking soda chemical name is sodium bicarbonate, a white crystalline powder, soluble in water. Adding baking soda to livestock and poultry feed can increase feed utilization and prevent livestock and poultry diseases. 1. Raise pigs. Adding 0.5% baking soda to the diet of piglets can increase t

Fluorescent labeling using extracts from seaweed

At present, fluorescent labeling has become a popular application method in life science research. It has no toxic or side effects and has a tendency to replace the isotope labeling. Most of the chemicals on the market are now used for labeling, such as SYBR series dyes, and the most famous pr

Spring poplar common diseases

Poplar canker disease mainly occurred in the transplanting process of seedlings. It began to occur in late 3rd, and peaked from mid-April to late May. It basically stopped at the beginning of June and developed slightly after October. The disease can infect the trunks, rhizomes and large branc

Five oil leakage solutions for tractors

Tractor oil leakage is an issue for many farmers' friends. How can we ensure the use of tractors and solve the problem of oil leakage in various parts of the plant on the premise of promoting production? Several simple methods introduced by this newspaper may be helpful to you. .

Why is the diesel overheated?

The overheating performance of the diesel engine is that the cooling water temperature is too high, exceeding the normal value of 80°C-90°C, and even reaching l00°C. Overheating makes it easy to deform parts, reduce the viscosity of the oil, accelerate the wear of the parts, and prema

Technical maintenance of corn combine harvester

The corn combine harvester has a complex structure, many moving parts, and poor working environment. The author suggests that the following technical maintenance be done: Clean up the grass cuttings, mud and dust that are often harvested from the harvester's cutting table, conveyor, return

Six measures for saving fuel in farm machinery

1. Prepare for the work before the work The agricultural mechanized production requires careful organization work. Regardless of the tractor that is operated collectively or individually, it must be prepared before the work. Good preparation can effectively reduce tractor idle and engine idlin

The benefits of adding seaweed for feed

Feeding Finishing Pigs In the rations of weaned piglets, 3% of kelp powder is added. After feeding for 90 days, the daily weight gain can be increased by 23.62%, and the feed conversion rate can be increased by 13.32%.
Feeding hens with 2%-6% kelp powder in chicken feed can increase e

How to choose safe and qualified food?

On the way to a business trip, several people in the same box on the train chatted. When I heard that I was engaged in food, I asked them what kind of food I was eating the safest. How to choose safe and qualified food?

Green peppers have good storage effect in the tank

Generally choose thick fleshy, low water content, dark green color of late-maturing varieties storage, do not collect red and ripe pepper and young pepper, full ripe green pepper fruit is appropriate. When harvesting, it is necessary to remove the stem, and it is best to cut it with a scissors

Delicious freshwater fish fillet processing method

First, choose the material to open film
More than 1 kilogram of live fish or frozen mackerel, salmon, grass carp, or mackerel can be used. Scrape scales, guts, go heads, and wash bloody black film. Cut open the pectoral fins first, and then cut the sheets under the skin of the head and sh