How to control plum blossoms at the festival

After the flower bud differentiation of plum blossoms is completed, it can be kept outdoors until late autumn to control its flowering period. After a low temperature in the open air, the plum flower buds are dormant. Before and after the light snow moves into the low-temperature room, the flo

Osmanthus twig cutting cutting seedlings

Osmanthus fragrans China's important garden and economic tree species, with high ornamental and economic value, is widely cultivated in the Xianning region of our province, and it is also the main species of southern urban garden construction.

Because Osmanthus fragrans is rare

Cultivation season and nursery

1. The cultivation season is generally sown in the greenhouse outside the greenhouse in April. At the end of October, the nursery will be planted in the ditch, and will be planted in the shed in November, harvested before and after New Year's Day.
2. Cultivate strong seedlings

Identification of male and female goslings

1. Shape identification method: General male geese have a larger body, longer body, larger head, longer neck, longer mouth and wider mouth, round eyes, slightly flattened belly, standing posture is relatively straight, female The geese are slightly smaller, with shorter bodies, round heads, sm

Winter warm greenhouse squash autumn and winter cultivation

The gas in the shed mainly refers to some gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, and nitric acid gas.
The industrialized planting of citrons is carried out under high density and confined conditions. There is almost no gas exchange. In addition, the photosynthetic, respiration and microbi

Straw fermentation is not feasible

The main component of straw is crude fiber, and animals (including ruminant animals) themselves cannot secrete enzymes that degrade crude fiber. However, the digestibility of crude fiber by cattle and sheep reaches 50% to 90%, which is achieved by the proliferation and metabolism of microorgan

Rape harvest season notes

In the critical aspect of rapeseed harvest, we must understand the rapeseed maturation process, the influence of different harvest periods on yield and quality, and master the standards suitable for the harvest period.

1, rape matures

The ripening process of the whole pod o

Non-pollution chestnut high yield cultivation techniques

Xiaying County is located in the south of the Yanshan Mountains, and the Huangyaguan Great Wall runs through the town. The climate belongs to a warm temperate continental monsoon climate. It is characterized by a warm monsoon climate in winter and spring. It is hot and humid in summer and

Silage judgment standard

When judging the standard silage, the silage is the animal prefers to eat the feed and the cost is lower, and the silage also has good and bad points. In order to obtain a good fermented silage, the necessary conditions are: 1. A good source of fermentation - functi

Sturgeon Paddy Field Ecological Farming Technology

I. Selection of aquaculture area The aquaculture area is 65 hectares, with complete water and electricity facilities and convenient transportation.
Second, rice field project construction
1. In the field project, 10 mu is a yellow sturgeon paddy field ecological breeding unit. In the