Green fodder fermentation method for feeding pigs

From late spring to summer and early summer, a variety of green feed and wild plants thrived. In rural areas, some pig farmers and specialized households collect these green and succulent feeds to feed pigs. This practice should be strongly advocated. In addition to feeding the pigs with f

Summer and Autumn Breeding Chicken "Four Qiao Method"

The suitable growth temperature for broilers is 18°C~24°C. During the summer and autumn high season, the temperature in broiler houses often exceeds 24°C. The "Four Qiao Methods" for raising broilers in summer and autumn are introduced as follows:

Diet adjustment

Earth-based control of apple rot

Use salt sauce to prevent and treat 2.5% of salt, 2% of soy sauce, 1% of binder (flour can be used), add 50 kg of water, stir well, boil for 10-15 minutes, and store it in the bucket for use (if one time Use the remaining salt sauce to keep it sealed. After removing the affected area, appl

Summer pig raising "five must"

The critical temperature for heat stress in pigs is 32°C-34°C. When the temperature in the pighouse continuously reaches or exceeds the critical temperature for 2-3 days, the pigs will obviously not adapt. Specific performance: pig loss of appetite, elevated body temperature, lack of

Replace the new agricultural machinery accessories

Some operators believe that changing parts is very simple, and it is enough to install damaged parts. In actual fact, if it is improperly assembled, the power will drop, the fuel consumption will increase, the start-up will be difficult, and the weight will damage the machine. Therefore, t

Knot lettuce summer tube technology

First, we must pay attention to fertilizer and water management. Due to the high temperature in summer, strong sunlight, large evaporation on the ground, and large transpiration of crops, watering is often required in the initial stage of planting to keep the soil moist. In the rainy seaso

Rabbits need to pay attention after entering the summer

After the summer, farmers should pay attention to the following issues in the management of rabbits:

1, take shelter. Summer rabbits die of heat stroke if exposed to sunlight for four to six hours. Therefore, shelters must be shaded on an open-air rabbit cage, and closed doors and

High Yield Cultivation and Planting Techniques of Platycodon

First, perennial herb, plant height 30-100 cm, whole plant smooth and glabrous, root hypertrophy, tan or grayish brown, stem erect, leaf ovate to lanceolate, 2 to 7 cm long, 0.5 to 3 cm wide The tip is acuminate, the edge is sharply serrated, and the base is wedge-shaped. Flowering from Ju

Wheat bollworm

The scientific name, distribution, host and morphological characteristics can be found in the corn field bollworm. The larvae damage the wheat. The leaves of the larvae become nicks or holes, which break down or

Prevention of purple spot on green onion

Onion purple spot mainly damages leaves and pedicels. After planting pedicels, damage often results in seed shrinkage, which does not fully mature and affects seed production.

Symptoms: When the leaves and pedicels suffer damage, they often develop from the tip of the leaf and the

Barley deficiency

Symptoms of a nitrogen deficiency barley at the height of the flood season, the old leaf color is pale yellow-gree

Identification of horses, donkeys, and quail

Many horses, donkeys, and crickets are inseparable from each other. Even the peasants (animal husbandry staff) do not understand at the moment, especially horses and horses call them horses. Donkeys are also called horses. How do horses, donkeys and baboons identify, and why do they divide hor