Summer and Autumn Breeding Chicken "Four Qiao Method"

The suitable growth temperature for broilers is 18°C~24°C. During the summer and autumn high season, the temperature in broiler houses often exceeds 24°C. The "Four Qiao Methods" for raising broilers in summer and autumn are introduced as follows:

Diet adjustment

Broilers have reduced feed intake at high temperatures and feed efficiency has decreased. Therefore, the dietary nutrition and organization of chickens should be appropriately adjusted. In order to maintain acid-base balance in chickens and improve the performance of chickens during heat stress, additives such as sodium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, and potassium chloride may be added to the diet or drinking water. In the hot season, 0.02% to 0.04% vitamin C supplementation can significantly reduce the impact of hot weather on broilers and improve production performance. The appetite of summer chickens is weakened. Feeding time can be changed in the morning and evening when it is cool. At noon, you can feed green and juicy rind of watermelon rind and roots, but pay attention to ensure that the chickens have enough rest time.

Stress response

In order to avoid or reduce the stress response of broilers caused by high temperature and other factors, some drugs with preventive and therapeutic effects may be added to feed or drinking water. If chlorpromazine is added with 0.1% sedative in feed, it can reduce the basal metabolism and heat production of broilers, help maintain heat balance and increase feed conversion rate and weight gain rate; adding 0.25% citric acid to feed can buffer broilers The harm caused by alkaline blood, thereby increasing the daily gain of broilers under heat stress; adding 0.05% aspirin to feed can significantly reduce heat stress and improve production performance.

Chicken farm environment improved

In order to create a good environment for broilers, radiant heat and reflective heat should be reduced, ventilation volume should be increased, temperature and harmful gas concentration should be reduced, the building should not be too short, the roof height should be about 5 meters, and more windows or connections should be provided. Vents; roof insulation, and installation of high-speed fans or ceiling fans and other cooling equipment. The ground around the house is best planted with turf, vegetables or vines. When the temperature in the house exceeds 32°C, in dry areas, cool water may be sprayed on the roof, floor, and body of the bird by installing a curtain of water at the air inlet or a low-volume rotating nozzle sprayer.

Daily care management

Summer and autumn broiler chickens should be properly reduced breeding density, reduce heat production gas. Set enough material and water levels to ensure that each chicken can eat and drink water. It is strictly forbidden to feed rotten and degenerate feeds, ensure adequate and clean drinking water, wash and disinfect the sink once a day, keep the inside and outside of the house free from drainage, and clean and dry inside the house; strictly implement the health and epidemic prevention system, vaccinate according to immunization procedures, and keep the house Environmental sanitation shall be disinfected at least once a week; attention shall be paid to the elimination of insects such as mosquitoes and flies, and the observation of chickens shall be strengthened, and abnormalities shall be taken in time to take corresponding measures.

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