Genes Determine When Plants Draw New Branches

The big tree stretches out many branches and sways in the wind. These branches are not arbitrarily grown but controlled by genes. Scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States have discovered a new gene, which determines when plants will take new branches. Scientists from the Universi

Technical measures to be taken for naturally hatching goose eggs

The motherhood of geese is good. Many geese farmers in the countryside will adopt the method of naturally hatching goose eggs for self-breeding and self-breeding and develop geese. However, to increase the hatching rate of goose eggs and the quality of goslings, the following measures should b

Dried lily method

Lilies must be harvested before the buds are ready for release. Premature buds have low yields, and buds must be reopened before they can affect quality. To obtain a high yield of daylily and improve the quality of the products, it is necessary to grasp the harvest season and picking time. For

Delivery of confinement cows and midwifery

1 Note Prenatal rectal examination of cattle during pregnancy is generally about 280 days. About two weeks before the birth of the cow, the fetus will change from a fetal position to a childbirth position. During this transition, when the cow is standing still, obvious fetal movement can be se

Dragon Mud - a new special breed of freshwater culture

The loach is a genus of oystercatchers, pupa, and loach genus. The loach has a strong vitality, rapid reproduction, and miscellaneous feeds. It is one of the most easily reared and highly productive fishes. Muddy meat is delicious, nutritious, high protein content; also contains fat, riboflavi

A variety of poultry egg products processing technology

Yiyang Songhua preserved egg preserved egg is a special product of Yiyang City, Hunan Province, China and foreign countries, has more than 500 years of history. Songhua preserved eggs taste delicious, refreshing, Yu Xiang long, unique flavor. 1. 1000 raw fresh eggs (ingredients should be incre

Safe storage technology of wheat

The safe storage technology of wheat The improper storage of grain will lead to the occurrence of grazing, rodent bite, mildew, etc., resulting in huge food losses. The storage of food can start from the following aspects. First, strictly control the moisture. Due to the strong moisture absorp

Cage Astragalus Breeding Technology

Astragalus is delicious and nutritious and it is a valuable fish. In recent years, the resources of natural wild astragalus have decreased, and the market is in short supply. Therefore, the development of artificial breeding of Astragalus has broad prospects. The breeding base of Astragalus me

Efficient cultivation technology of Dutch chicory

1 CHARACTERISTICS CHARACTERISTICS Chicory is a variant of wild chicory, which is rooted like carrots. Leaves are rooted, alternate, long and oblanceolate, apex acute, leaf margin dentate, deeply lobed or entire. Stems erect, ribbed, hollow, many branched. Head, corolla lingulate, blue-blue, po

Asparagus set of dwarf vegetables

Cultivation of asparagus requires a large row spacing. In the new planting asparagus field, due to the large spacing of asparagus, some dwarf vegetables can be interspersed between the rows, so that more than one year can be collected and the purpose of high yield and high efficiency can be ac

Five varieties of fine variety planted

First, the regional nature of improved varieties. The improved varieties are formed under certain ecological conditions and require a specific ecological environment during the planting process. When introducing improved varieties, it is necessary to consider whether the ecological conditions