Koi fish breeding technology

Koi carp is a carp, it has a bright and colorful color, changing patterns, is a large ornamental fish, enjoy the "live gems in the water" in the world. Koi originated from China, and its seed production was improved in Japan. After many years of crossbreeding, Koi has become a very s

Prevent weldment deformation and cracks

(l) Preheating and slow cooling Preheating and slow cooling can effectively reduce or even eliminate welding stress. “Preheating” is to heat the entire welding part to a suitable temperature before welding, thereby reducing the temperature difference between the welding part and ot

Greenhouse cultivation of Artemisia selengensis in autumn and winter

Because garland chrysanthemum has the characteristics of low temperature resistance, coolness, light tolerance, low light saturation point, and low photosynthetic intensity, it is not only feasible to use garland chrysanthemum in the greenhouse in autumn and winter seasons, but also can be lis

There are several unsafe operations in farm machinery maintenance

First, use heavy ropes to hang heavy objects. In the maintenance of tractors, common people use hemp ropes, nylon ropes, triangle belts, etc. to hoist and unload engines and gearboxes, which is very unsafe. The correct approach is to use a solid wire rope. Tripods must also be firmly grounded.

Golden mushroom cultivation techniques

Flammulina velutipes is extremely rich in nutrients. It has the reputation of increasing the capacity of mushroom and mushroom, and is a famous mushroom in the world. It has now developed into the third largest mushroom. Due to the development of hotpot industry in Sichuan and Chongqing, the

Scientific storage of edible mushroom products

In the summer rainy season, dry ears and dried mushrooms that are dried or dried are susceptible to hygroscopicity, mold deterioration, or pests, affecting product quality. The usual method of storage is to bake dry the remaining heat, quickly grading, into a plastic bag, tie the bag mouth or

The Causes and Countermeasures of Watermelon's "emptiness"

Watermelon "emptiness" has now become a major obstacle to the high yield of watermelon. Now the reasons and prevention measures of watermelon "vacant" are described as follows:
First, fertilizer and water rations are irrational: cause the stems and leaves to produce fl

Cultivation techniques

Radon has long been known as a traditional anti-aging tonic. Modern medical research found that its leaves, fruits, and fruit stalks have anti-cancer effects. "Outside the village," the article, the tender leaves tip has been listed as a net vegetable, mu income of 5000-6000 yuan. Ha

Late cultivation of high-yielding cultivation techniques for super rice

First, timely planting or planting to seize the high yield of late super rice, in the premise of nurturing a strong body, must be early planting or planting, early management, in order to win high yield. According to practice, the late harvest must be planted or planted before the "Every

Fresh cow skin storage method

Most of the fresh cowhide can not be sent to the tannery for processing in time. In order to avoid rot and to facilitate storage and transportation, fresh cows must undergo preliminary processing. First, the initial treatment before storage 1, clean up. Removes unwanted parts such as stubble,

Research Status and Application Prospect of Microbial Pesticides in Jiangsu

I. Status Quo of Research and Development of Microbial Pesticides in Jiangsu Province 1. Current Status of Development of Microbial Pesticides Bacillus subtilis (Bs), a microbicide, can stably colonize soil and plant surfaces, produce antibiotics, and secrete hormones that stimulate plant grow

How to Prevent and Control Pteris Anthrax

P. anthracnose is a frequent occurrence of P. hirsutum, and the transmission speed is very fast. If the disease is not controlled in time after the onset, it will not only affect the ornamental effect, but severe cases will also lead to plant death. Its symptoms, pathogenesis, and prevention a