Soybean yield increase measures

1. Saplings: Soybeans are planted on the basis of the whole seedlings, and when the two leaflets are unfolded, the seedlings are planted and the yield is generally increased by 10-20%.
2. Pressing seedlings: When the first compound leaves of some seedlings of soybeans are unfolded, they are selected at noon on sunny days, and they are forced to use the animal power or machine to induce hibiscus to suppress the growth, which can increase production by 8.5-10%.
3. Topping: In the initial flowering or flowering period of soybean, the top of the main stem is removed by hand by about 2 centimeters, and the yield can be increased by 7.2% to 10.8%.
4. Application of rare earth: Use 2 kg of rare earth for every 1 kg of bean seed, or spray each time with the rare earth solution whose concentration is 0.03-0.04% and 0.08 respectively in soybean seedling stage and initial flowering period, which can increase production by 15-20%.
5. Spray molybdenum ammonium: before soybean flowering and flowering, spray once with 0.05% ammonium molybdate solution, spray 25-30 kg per 667 square meters before flowering, spray 40-50 kg per 667 square meters after flowering, Generally increase production by 5-10%.
6. Spray paclobutrazol: In the soybean branching to the initial flowering period, spray 250ppm of paclobutrazol solution for 50kg per 667 jade square meters, can increase the yield by about 20%, and treat the shrinkage mosaic disease of soybean and prevent lodging.
7. Sodium bisulfite spray: 8 grams of sodium bisulfite per 667 square meters, 50 kilograms of water, sprayed once in the initial flowering period and full flowering period of soybean, and the average yield increase was 10.5%.
8. Spray three iodoformic acid: In the initial flowering and full flowering period of soybean, spraying with solutions with concentration of 100ppm and 200ppm respectively can increase the yield by 5-23%.
9. Spray increase production spirit: In the soybean flowering period to the pod period, use 20-30ppm increase spirit solution spray 2 times, the middle interval of 7-10 days, spray 50-70 kilograms per 667 square meters, can increase production 3-15 %.
10. Spray 802 growth regulators: 20 ml per 667 square meters, watered 40 kg, sprayed during the soybean pod spray period, with an average yield increase of 10.7%.

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