The principle of high viscosity Chiba tofu bubble machine

There has been a very hot product in these years - thousands of pages of tofu. Its practices and eating methods are numerous and widely used in large and medium-sized restaurants, hot pot restaurants, barbecue stalls, farmer'

Use agricultural fuel economy

First, maintain the normal operating temperature of the engine, especially in the cold season, try to maintain the water temperature at 75-90 °C while using the oil according to the season.

Second, regular elimination of the cooling system's scale and piping and muffler grease

Future layout planning of jet mill

Market competition is a basic feature of the modern market economy. In this fiercely competitive market, the jet mill has been step by step to the present day. It is not easy to think about it. In fact, for many manufacturers, th

What happens when Anthurium and flamingo appear spotted?

A letter from Zuo Taichao, a reader in Baishan City, Jilin Province, asked: When my unit raises the Anthurium and Anthurium flowers, I do not know why there is a larger lesion on the leaf surface. Answer: Judging from the leaf lesions you send, it is very likely that the leaves are infected wi

Film Covering Chinese Cabbage Can Increase Production and Prevent Diseases

Seizing the opportunity is generally more appropriate in September, and different regions can be advanced or postponed as appropriate. If the buds are connected too early and the sprouting development is not yet complete, the rootstocks are in a vigorous growth stage, the accumulated nutrients

Maintenance of sprayer after deactivation

1. First of all, the outer surface of the liquid barrel, hose, spray bar and other components should be scrubbed, and special attention should be paid to removing grease from the pump and dirt from the bottom of the liquid barrel. 2. Wash with alkaline water in a timely manner, and then rinse

Carnation picking and preservation

Carnations are easy to flower after cutting and are generally cut at the bud stage or when they are half open. Usually, the suitable period for cutting flowers is as follows: During the low-temperature period, 50% bloom and 40% bloom during the high-temperature period. When harvesting, the flo

American Scientists Find Genes to Help Rice Resist the Rice Blast

Scientists in the United States have found genes that help protect rice against rice blast. Rice blast is a disease that can reduce infected crops by 30%. Rice is one of the world's major food crops, and two-thirds of the world’s population depends on it for survival. Even after yea

Farm Machinery Standard: T61 Tractor Unit

Agricultural machinery standard: T61 tractor machine GB/T3871.1-1993 Agricultural wheeled and crawler tractor test method Part 1 General requirements GB/T3871.2-1993 Agricultural wheeled and crawler tractor test method Part 2 Machine parameters Determination GB/T3871.3-1993 Agricultural wheele

Rabbits in autumn

Rabbits can be bred and breed throughout the year, but the autumn climate is mild and dry, and the feed resources are abundant. The survival rate of the pups is high and the growth rate is fast, which is the golden season of breeding. The following matters should be paid attention to in the au

Covered vegetable and fruit preservative

Usually, vegetables and fruits have a ripening process after harvesting. They often soften in a short time, reduce the flavor, and cause decay and deterioration. A fresh-keeping technology that uses water-soluble dietary fiber to cover the surface of vegetables and fruits is simple and effecti