About Ophiopogon Harvesting and Processing

(1) Harvesting and processing of Ophiopogon japonicus is the root of lily plants Ophiopogon japonicus, Ophiopogon japonicus in Hubei, Ophiopogon japonicus Ophiopogon japonicus, Olympus and Ophiopogon japonicus. Ophiopogon japonicus warm and moist environment, cultivation or wild in Pingba, hil

Fertilizing techniques for new vegetable fields

In recent years, due to industrial restructuring and urban expansion, and other reasons, some old vegetable fields were occupied, and some grain fields and wasteland were changed to vegetable fields. These new vegetable fields all have unfavorable factors such as shallow soil layer, poor perme

There are five important tips for buying agricultural machinery

Look at the logo, weight and specifications. When purchasing agricultural machinery products and accessories, it is necessary to have a trademark awareness and choose Guoyou and Buyou brand-name products. When you purchase accessories, you must first observe whether the accessories specificati

In summer, you can pick fruit trees

In the spring of last year, when I grafted fruit trees, the remaining part was scioned and buried them in the shade of the soil. By mid-June, I suddenly remembered this. At this time, if the branches and leaves are luxuriant and young fruit has been hung, these scions can't be used. I will

Seedling corn suffers locust plague recovery

National Grain Production Scientific and Technological Project Cui Yanhong, Research Team of Hebei Province Since late June, some counties and cities in the summer maize district in Hebei Province have suffered from flood disasters, which has caused a certain impact on the production of su

Main technical measures for raising shrimp in ponds

Green shrimp, also known as grass shrimp, is a special breed of aquaculture in our province. It has a certain reputation both at home and abroad. The main technical measures for pond culture are now described below.
1. Pond conditions. In a place with plenty of water and fresh water, shri

The Causes of the Fallout of Cotton Bud Bells and Preventive Measures

First, the reason why the bell falls off
1. Improper distribution of organic nutrients blindly increase the fertilization amount in the base fertilizer and flowering period, increase the number, amount, and type of foliar spraying, resulting in excess nutrients, resulting in excessive gro

Summer sowing peanut field management technology

1. Seedlings will be reseeded and seedlings will be inspected in time after sowing. If there is a deficiency, seedlings shall be promptly replanted.

2. Intertillage Peanut seedlings should be combined with cultivator for clearing. Usually, the soil around the base of the peanut seedlings c

Artificial breeding technique of Chinese bamboo rat

The Chinese bamboo rat is also known as the winter owl, bamboo root pig and so on. It is a kind of special fur animal in our country. Its fur is soft, smooth, oily, thick and colorful. It is the finest raw material for making coats, leather collars, and hats. In particular, the board is a

Octopus scraps can extract natural taurine

Modern technology can turn waste into treasure. Xiamen East Ocean Aquatic Products Import & Export Co., Ltd. uses membrane separation technology to extract natural taurine from octopus scraps, and this new technology also fills gaps in the domestic industry.
Octopus is rich in anti-fa

Dairy cows afraid of high temperature summer tube "crossbow"

With the advent of summer, the rising temperature will directly influence the milk production of dairy farmers. How to raise cows in summer? Experience can be summarized into ten words: drop, fill, wash, increase, add, drink, blow, cover, control, and prevent. Cows are cold and heat-fighting,

Eucheuma breeding seedling breeding technology

Eucheuma is a kind of tropical seaweed with high economic value. It is widely distributed on the southern coast of China, and it grows in places such as Taiwan, Hainan Island and Xisha Islands. In Hainan Island and Xisha Islands, this seaweed is called agar. A long time ago, the