Calanus calamus

Latin name: Acorus gramineus

Aliases: Sida, Serrata, Iris, Iris

Section: Araceae

Genera: Acorus

Distribution of origin: widely distributed in all parts of China's north and south.

Morphological characteristics:

Fuji fruit coloring six strokes

The coloring of the fruit of Red Fuji began earlier than Guo Guang and it was slow. Coloring usually begins in late August and after mid-September, its coloration is not as fast as Guo Guang. To improve the coloration degree of Red Fuji, the following measures can be implemented in early S

Colorful Tree Introduction - Golden Leaf Band

Golden leaf


Caprifoliaceae deciduous shrub

Distribution area

Jinye Jintai is a horticultural variety of Jinhua flowers. It is an excellent color-leaf tree species that has been newly introduced from the United States in rece

Winter vegetable greenhouse cultivation cucumber technology

Technology for growing cucumbers in vegetable greenhouses in winter 1. Selection of varieties.
Variety selection determines the yield and yield. It is recommended to use high-quality, high-product varieties such as local cucumber, Shanghai Yangxing cucumber, and Nongda 14th.

Fox insemination work program

Organizing and arranging fox artificial insemination work should be based on the principles of simplicity, practicality, effectiveness and strictness.

1, simple: refers to the operation and equipment selection and placement simple and easy to operate, so that all aspects of the tec

Insect-resistant cotton is the key to high yield to prevent premature aging

In recent years, with the promotion of insect-resistant cotton, the phenomenon of premature aging of cotton is very common, and insect-resistant cotton is more susceptible to premature aging than non-broom resistant cotton. The main causes of premature senescence of insect-resistant cotton

Milking machine maintenance and common troubleshooting

I. Routine maintenance of the milking machine
(1) Cleaning of the teat cup Once a week, the teat cup is to be removed, and the stainless steel teat cup, the teat cup pouch and the pulsating short tube are cleaned inside and outside, dried, and then loaded. When you put it back in plac

Citi glutinous rice porridge

1. ? (trout) 1 ? l
2. Citi? 30 grams (measure cups 1/2 cup)
3. 100 grams of glutinous rice (1 cup in measuring cup)
4. o fruit fig 3 (measured in cups 1/3 cup)
5. 2 slices of practice:
1. Wash VIIV first, cut it, cut it, dry it, and dry it.
2. Other

Garden fruit trees are exquisite

In carrying out new rural construction, many farmers plant fruit trees in the courtyard, which not only beautifies the environment but also is a good way to increase economic income. However, due to the lack of technology, production is not high, and the efficiency is not significant. Ther

The effect of stratified application of biogas fertilizer is good

The whole nutrients of the biogas fertilizer have high nutrient efficiency and can not only promote the activity of microorganisms, improve the soil, but also improve soil water, fertilizer, gas, heat and cultivation performance, and improve soil fertility. However, some farmers use all th

How to make banana fruit

(I) Process flow

Raw materials → Smoked sulfur → Peeling wire removal → Slicing → Hardening → Rinse → Perm → Sugar stain → Drying → Packaging → Finished product

(b) Description of operation points